Connatix Launches Programmatic Syndication Platform for Brand Safety of Premium Video Ads

Connatix Launches Programmatic Syndication Platform for Brand Safety of Premium Video Ads

The programmatic market is going through the ceiling. It’s that part of the year when native programmatic innovation firms are focusing on creating solutions that give ad publishers endless capabilities to scale their video inventories. Cashing on to the trend, Connatix, a native advertising platform for premium publishers, announced the launch of its new platform, Connatix Programmatic Syndication.

The new solution by Connatix is the first-of-its-kind programmatic solution that provides an end-to-end audience extension product for publishers, giving publishers the ability to scale their programmatic video monetization by distributing content and programmatic demand as a package across Connatix’ brand safe network.

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“While video today is one of the most popular and widely used forms of advertising for publishers, publishers still often face challenges predicting and meeting programmatic fill rates,” said David Kashak, founder and CEO of Connatix.

“That’s where we step in: Connatix is the fastest growing premium video distribution network, currently ranked #8 in comScore, so publishers can drive substantial revenue from programmatic partners with our platform.”

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By launching this new product, Connatix sows an entire Programmatic Syndication ecosystem in one offering, including its player, video CMS and premium network of publishers delivering over 3 billion video views per month. Using this product gives Connatix’ publishing partners the power to serve their video content to the audiences that their advertisers are targeting. Since it’s a proprietary technology, Connatix customers can witness a significant boost in the programmatic revenue, with maximum scaling opportunities.

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Connatix could be great for branded content advertisements, owing to the powerful real-time analytics presented over its intuitive dashboard. In the age when publishers are trying to get hold of their website performance, Programmatic Syndication is an ideal technology solution. It helps publishers better engage their audiences, increase their video inventory and generate more revenue.

What’s more? Brand content marketers and advertisers can safeguard their reputation against the malice of Fake News and malvertising that often comes through programmatic channels. This added layer of protection for syndication partners enhances the brand-safe environment.

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