DashBid Appoints Brand Safety Czar to Augment Focus on Programmatic Transparency

DashBid Appoints Brand Safety Czar to Augment Focus on Programmatic Transparency

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True brand safety in programmatic is seen when brands reach efficacy of spends, as per DashBid CEO

DashBid, an SSP (Supply-Side Platform) and programmatic ad exchange, has appointed Robert McNair as the Brand Safety Czar, in order to drive the company’s agenda of delivering a brand-safe and fraud-free programmatic ecosystem. Prior to this, McNair has served as the Director- Publisher Development at DashBid. In his new role, the Brand Safety Czar will lead the Brand Safety team and report to the company CEO- Rodger Wells. This is DashBid’s second major news about leadership expansion.

In January, the advertising exchange for programmatic announced Jay Wardle as their Chief Revenue Officer.

Robert McNair
Robert McNair

Excited about the new development, McNair says-

“Brand safety is the number one growing concern for our advertisers. As the industry struggles to combat ad fraud, bot-traffic, and unsafe content, advertisers need more control over where and how their ads are appearing.”

He assures, “We are dedicated to providing an environment for advertisers that is brand safe, preventing negative brand association, and reducing wasted ad spend.”

In the May of 2016, DashBid made another achievement towards building a transparent programmatic ecosystem with the launch of PubTools. The product stores screen grabs of the page where advertisements are played and tracks all scripts running on that page.

The ad exchange also screens entire traffic with WhiteOps pre-bid NHT filtering to avoid fraud. This guarantees advertisers witness 100% bot free traffic. It analyzes all publisher inventories using AI to identify and remove any environments that are unsafe.  To make sure all campaigns meet specific brand safety specifications, it works directly with different clients at the campaign level to analyze brand risk and employs custom rules.

These tools form a part of DashBid Engagement Spectrum (DBex) that provide advertisers the ability to measure viewer engagement as well as standard audience segmentations and gauge intent of consumers. Targeting these audiences enhances advertiser returns.

Rodger Wells. CEO at DashBid
Rodger Wells. CEO at DashBid

Rodger Wells, CEO of DashBid, says, “We believe brand safety only begins in relation to proximity to content.” Wells further clarifies, “True brand safety extends far beyond this;” he adds “ultimately reaching efficacy of spends that considers not just viewability and quality, but also context and engagement. Having a Brand Safety Team empowered to enforce these measures across all of our constituents give advertisers and publishers, alike, an exchange they can trust.”

Dashbid debuted as #1 on Pixalate’s first-ever International Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI). VSTI is a cross-platform rating system for video advertising, spanning connected TV, mobile, and desktop video.

The global company DashBid works with dozens of programmatic sales channels across desktop and mobile, serving nearly 500 million video impressions each month. It focuses on connecting advertisers with premium publishers across all screens. Since its inception in 2011, it raised $4.95 mn in 3 rounds.


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