DPAA Releases New Programmatic Standards for Digital Out-of-Home Media

DPAA Releases New Programmatic Standards for Digital Out-of-Home Media

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) has released new programmatic standards for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry, as part of an ongoing process to facilitate DOOH transactions. The new standards will benefit buyers and sellers by expanding opportunities for targeting and transacting. DPAA was supported by Prohaska Consulting, who created visual insights and technical specs after a thorough review by market and stakeholders.

“The new standards put DOOH in a leading position for programmatic adoption, providing exciting opportunities and enabling broad-based compliance that even television and radio have not yet achieved.” — Barry Frey, DPAA president & CEO

According to DPAA, the new programmatic standards will benefit all stakeholders – buyers, sellers, brands and the ad-tech community. By adhering to the new standards, DPAA companies will be able to access the expanding opportunities in the programmatic marketplace, helping them target audiences and purchase DOOH media programmatically. The standards have been reviewed by Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and media owners.

From an agency standpoint, there is no question that uniform programmatic standards for digital-out-of-home media will help level the playing field from a planning perspective. We look forward to seeing the standards become widely adopted and having the DOOH sector brought into the programmatic mainstream. — Steven Kaufman, Managing Director, Programmatic for OMD USA

Barry Frey, DPAA president & CEO, said, “In recent years, our annual survey of media planners consistently has shown that programmatic availability will lead to higher levels of spending on DOOH media, which is not surprising since programmatic boosts targeting ability, efficiency, the speed of transaction and ROI.

Boaz Ram, Group Manager, Product Management for Adobe’s TubeMogul, was among the DSP executives who reviewed the standards.

“Kudos to the DPAA and Prohaska Consulting for the time and effort they put into developing these standards and extending automation to one of the last media channels relatively untouched by programmatic technology,” Ram said.

“Applying standards to digital-out-of-home advertising is critical for both media owners and media buyers in order to scale this important channel, and we are eager to see them implemented.”

Other DSPs that reviewed the specs included AppNexus, DoubleClick Bid Manager, MediaMath, theTradeDesk, Turn and Videology.

Frey said that many of DPAA’s members already comply with the standards. This positions DSPs well to put this new functionality to work for their clients and their increasing DOOH budgets.

Prohaska Consulting’s Role in Setting New Programmatic Benchmarks

The DPAA, a leading Video Everywhere AssociationTM, commissioned Prohaska Consulting for this task owing to the firm’s deep understanding of the programmatic marketplace, sensitivity to the complexity of DOOH media and ability to coordinate with existing Open RTB standards.

via DPAA
via DPAA

Frey said, “I would like to commend Prohaska Consulting for their outstanding work on this project. They did a sensational job of bringing all parties to the table and helping us arrive at standards that address everyone’s needs and concerns.”

Prohaska Consulting facilitated communications among DPAA members and other constituencies, developed the standards, obtained and incorporated feedback, and encouraged consistency across the ecosystem. In addition to DSPs, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have also reviewed and weighed in on the standards.

About partnering with DPAA, Matt Prohaska, CEO, Prohaska Consulting, says, “We saw this project as a great opportunity to help the DPAA spur future growth by expanding the DOOH sector’s participation in the growing programmatic marketplace just, as we saw over the last nine years in other digital media channels.”

“Programmatic targeting and transactions are playing an increasing role in the overall digital ecosystem. These standards will help ensure that DOOH networks will be active players in the programmatic marketplace.”

The Process So Far

The process to develop programmatic standards began in March 2016 when the DPAA organized three committees– tech specs, creative specs, and measurement. The tech specs committee developed a set of DOOH-specific standards that will facilitate how programmatic buys are conducted.

The creative specs committee produced the first version of the creative standards that allow advertisers to run across most DOOH networks with one set of creative assets as opposed to having to develop multiple units. The creative specs encompass the requirements for both still and video assets.

Now that the creative specs have been finalized and released, the measurement committee will assess how the results of programmatic transactions can be integrated with other outcomes that are being measured in DOOH buys. As with the tech and creative elements, the measurement process will coordinate across members’ and buyers’ needs, while recognizing efforts of other groups for standardization.

DPAA’s Contribution to DOOH since 2006

Founded in 2006, the DPAA is a digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing association that has created a strong community environment in which members drive and promote their digital capabilities. The DPAA is a business accelerator that fosters collaboration between brands, agencies and the DPB/DOOH community, providing industry-wide research and best practices in areas such as mobile integration and programmatic; and promotes the effectiveness of DOOH advertising.

The DPAA’s annual Video Everywhere Summit brings together nearly 800 delegates representing brands, agencies, digital out of home and place based networks, ad tech, mobile and location data companies, research firms and others for a full day of presentations, panels, case studies, networking events and experiential exhibits. The Summit is the only event dedicated to multi-screen viewing and video neutral planning.

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