Earnify Launches New DSP That Allows Advertisers to Display Ads on Premium Websites


Through Earnify’s system, advertisers can have their advertisements displayed on websites such as eBay, CNN, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and more.

Earnify, a native advertising demand-side platform based in Brisbane, Australia, has just launched a new technology that allows advertisers to join their system and have their advertisements displayed on 15,000+ premium websites such as eBay, CNN, Forbes, and Buzzfeed. Earnify also works closely with their advertisers at every stage to help them exceed their goals while allowing them to take full control of their own native advertising.

Earnify has the best in the industry machine learning fraud prevention systems and traffic quality control systems in place. This allows Earnify to provide a better return-on-investment for their advertisers, more than any other current native advertising solution on the market today. Earnify’s redeposit rate was close to 90 percent last quarter, which is why advertisers are joining the company’s platform to get their product or content in front of millions of readers monthly.

Kyle Ryan Earnify“We believe publishers and advertisers deserve a better deal so we created a native advertising platform that puts our clients in control,” says Kyle Ryan, CEO of Earnify. “Our new advanced technology is an intuitive system that equips advertisers and publishers with the tools to boost their brand, traffic, and revenue.”

Content marketers using Earnify can boost their brand while driving traffic to their most important content. They can grow their readership and build an interested, engaged visitor-base with high-quality click-throughs to their articles. Further, businesses can brand themselves as an industry expert and respected source for relevant, valuable content while generating more leads and keeping consumers moving towards a purchase point, increasing online sales. Earnify is the next generation of native advertising technology, offering competitive revenue shares, superior targeting, and faster payment terms, which puts their publishers and advertisers in control.

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