Google to Launch Chrome Ad Blocker

Google to Launch Chrome Ad Blocker

The tech giant will provide a self-service tool to check the website for offensive ads that do not comply with Better Ads Standard, before going live.

Google is introducing a native ad-blocking tool in its Chrome web browser in early 2018 to block ads on pages that do not meet Chrome’s guidelines, and it has given publishers at least six months to prepare for it.  However, it will not block all ads.

Senior VP-ADS and Commerce, Google
Sridhar Ramaswamy,
Senior VP-ADS and Commerce, Google

Although the company has not officially announced their plans and related timeframe, Google’s Senior VP-ADS and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy has spoken about this on his blog.

Before ad blocker goes live, Google will provide a self-service tool called ‘Ad Experience Report’ which will score a site and alert publishers about unacceptable ads and explain how to fix this issue. Starting in early 2018, the new setting will be switched on by default within Chrome to automatically block ads that are not compliant with Better Ads Standards a data-driven guidance set forth by the Coalition for Better Ads to improve ads.

Ad Experience Report will help publishers understand how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own websites. It provides screenshots and videos of annoying ad experiences to make it easy to find and fix the issues. Publishers can visit Google’s new best practices guide, to get the full list of ads to use instead.

Google has joined Coalition for Better Ads is an industry trade group comprising ad companies and other entities that are dedicated to improving consumers’ experience with online advertising.

Google Chrome’s native ad blocker will encourage users to do away with third-party ad blockers that kill ad revenues for publishers while providing a better user experience on the web.

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