Infectious Media and Screen6 partner to bring the promise of “Programmatic Everywhere”

Infectious Media

Infectious Media

Infectious Media, the international programmatic media agency, and Screen6, the leading provider of cross-device ID management, today announced an extensive technology partnership to offer targeted, cross-device digital campaigns on a global scale.

The partnership will see Screen6’s cross-device ID technology integrated into Infectious Media’s programmatic advertising platform, Impression Desk. By incorporating the two technology platforms, digital advertisers and marketers will be able to build cross-device profiles of audience segments in any market they require and target ads across multiple devices.

Scaling audiences and ad buys in new regions requires an understanding of each market’s nuances, as well as deep expertise in technology and data. Infectious Media is one of the few agencies to have built its own programmatic technology, giving a level of access and data processing to advertisers that traditional media agencies can’t offer.

Impression Desk, Infectious Media’s programmatic advertising platform, incorporates advanced reporting and finance tools, plus sophisticated data analytics that allows for campaign optimisation around multiple local variables, such as language, age, time of day or local weather patterns. This, coupled with Screen6’s innovative cross-device ID technology, will offer advertisers and publishers what they need to better monetise global audiences and drive international revenue.

Dan de Sybel
Dan de Sybel

Dan de Sybel, Chief Technology Officer at Infectious Media said, “One of the keys to our international expansion is being able to quickly roll out in any market across the world, wherever one of our clients wants to expand. Other cross-device ID solutions are restricted to wherever their public graphs’ have critical mass. Our partnership with Screen6 means we can deploy in any market after only a couple of weeks of launching a campaign. This is now a powerful differentiator for Infectious Media and something our clients will hugely benefit from.”



David De Jong
David de Jong

David de Jong, CEO at Screen6, commented “A consumer’s digital activities can span multiple devices throughout the day, so it is important for advertisers to be able to identify cross-device behaviour, leading to more effective campaigns and ad buying. By integrating our innovative cross-device ID technology with Infectious Media’s Impression Desk, we will be allowing advertisers to measure reach and frequency more comprehensively, gain insights into cross-device attribution and allow for targeting on a global scale.”

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