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IPG Mediabrands Is First Agency Client To Subscribe To Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power Service

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Service Provides Podcasters and Brands With Compelling Insights Matching Podcast Listeners by Genre With Their Buying Habits

Nielsen announced that IPG Mediabrands (IPG) is now a subscriber to the Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power service, with eight agencies using the service under the IPG license. This is the first agency to subscribe to this service. The umbrella IPG agencies include Universal McCann, Initiative, ID Media, Cadreon, Brand Programming Network, Orion, MAGNA and Healix.

IPG will have access to podcast insights spanning 18 genres and over 90 individual podcast titles that can be cross-referenced among a variety of consumer purchase behavior patterns and services usage.

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Now, with 10 podcast companies subscribing, Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Buying Power Service, which launched in August 2019, allows clients to profile shows using program titles collected from subscribers in order to connect specific types of listeners with particular advertisers and specific program-level insights.

Only Nielsen, with its extensive Scarborough category database, has this type of advertiser connection with podcasting. Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power service has an effective sample of over 35,000 respondents, with the ability to capture results for specific programs. It also features insights on podcast listening across 18 podcast genres, over 2,000 retail/plan-to-buy categories and hundreds of advertisers with specific brand names such as insurance companies, automotive, quick-service restaurants, home improvement retailers and more. These easy-to-use reports are generated from web-based software and have a two time per year data release.

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“IPG Mediabrands is redefining how media, technology and data power our client’s marketing in today’s dynamic marketplace,” said Brian Hughes, EVP of Audience Intelligence and Strategy at MAGNA. “We are excited about the value that this data will provide in servicing all of the agencies with the insights and intelligence paramount for the success of monetization opportunities. This is beneficial to us, and the industry as a whole, as the rapidly growing podcast industry is requiring meaningful data to make sense of listenership.”

“We are delighted to welcome IPG Mediabrands as our first agency client to subscribe to Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Buying Power Service,” said David Hohman, EVP & Managing Director for Nielsen Global Media’s demand-side business. “IPG Mediabrands integrates speed, agility and data smarts into every aspect of their business. As they continue to keep pace with changing consumer behavior, we look forward to empowering them with insights that will propel their clients’ business forward and maximize campaign spend to its full potential.”

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