Programmatic ‘Treble’ You Can’t Miss: Liquidus Brings AdvancedTV Advertising Solutions for Enhanced Cross-Platform Experience

Programmatic 'Treble' You Can't Miss: Liquidus Brings AdvancedTV Advertising Solutions for Enhanced Cross-Platform Experience
Liquidus announced one of the most comprehensive video advertising solutions for programmatic TV format — AdvancedTV Advertising on 28 February.

Liquidus, an established ad tech and programmatic media solutions provider, has introduced a next-gen video advertising solution that integrates video ads into TV-quality content streamed over smart devices and connected TV. Branded as the AdvancedTV Advertising, the new video solution from Liquidus offers three distinct stacks for advertisers – ConnectedTV (CTV) Advertising, Full-Episode Player (FEP) Advertising, and OTT Advertising.

Liquidus is one of the top programmatic media platforms that allows advertisers to deliver best ROI results through fine-tuned targeting strategy. From creating quality ad experiences to strengthening brand loyalty, Liquidus elevates targeted marketing to a whole new level.

Jaclyn Steinhart, Senior Director of Media and Digital Strategy at Liquidus confides in AdvancedTV Advertising, seeing it as a critical component of every digital advertiser’s marketing mix.

Steinhart says, “Nielsen recently released a study that shows adults are spending up to 48 fewer hours each month watching traditional TV. They’re streaming shows on their iPad, watching talk show clips on their phone, using Apple TV…”

She adds, “This is a huge opportunity for brands to get in front of the coveted cord cutter population. Based on the trends we are seeing across the video industry, I could see this sector of digital advertising being on par or even outpacing Traditional TV [in terms of market share] within the next few years.”

What are the prospects of new AdvancedTV Advertising platform?

According to a report by ZenithOptimedia, mobile will be the main driver of digital ad growth. Between 2015 and 2018, mobile advertising expenditure is expected to double, reaching $114 billion, which will be largely due to the expansion of programmatic media advertising. At the end of the period, digital ad spending for the internet will usurp the dominance of TV. However, TV advertisers expect the evolution of TV as complete with the arrival of Internet TV. In the next 5 years, Internet TV will replace all of Linear TV.

ConnectedTV (CTV) Advertising

There has been a significant rise in the number of hours internet users spend their time online, which also correlates logically to the drop in TV-hours. CTV Advertising is introduced for TVs that can stream content from the internet, without disrupting the TV-quality. This will allow advertisers to deliver the ad to TV viewers watching content on a Smart TV, or a TV set connected to the internet via streaming devices.

via eMarketer
via eMarketer

According to an eMarketer report, more than 75% of US households will access a CTV device regularly in 2017. By announcing a CTV Advertising, Liquidus presents a high-impact, naturally viewable and disruption-free format with impressive completion rates.

Full Episode Player (FEP) Advertising

A premium offering for advertisers, FEP allows placement of video ad exclusively within full-length, high-quality inventory delivered through Apps, on any device.

Targeting smart device users who prefer to watch TV content outside of the normal schedule, FEP Advertising will supplement ad revenues to traditional TV formats.

Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising

OTT Advertising allows advertisers to deliver premium ads at any stage of streaming of the TV quality content, on any device.

According to eMarketer’s report, titled “Q4 2015 State of Video: Monetization, Audience, Platforms and Content,” –

By 2019, 89.3% of US digital video viewers will watch via OTT services, up from 88.6% in 2015.

via eMarketer
via eMarketer

In 2017, the number of OTT content suppliers who will embrace programmatic TV will grow significantly. For advertisers that are yet to build a strategy for cross-platform streaming, must find a way to leverage Programmatic TV at the earliest. That’s exactly what Liquidus intends to do by offering its new video advertising solutions in one programmatic media bundle.

Internet TV—that’s the market FEP and CTV Advertising Solutions from Liquidus will cater to. Slightly futuristic, but definitely proactive for the programmatic ad tech industry.

Bravo, Liquidus!

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