Mobfox First to Offer Factual and adsquare Data Directly from Its SSP



Mobfox, a global mobile advertising platform, has announced a new offering on its Supply Side Platform (SSP). The new offering integrates audience data directly,allowing DSPs to access this data through a single integration with Mobfox. For the first time, DSPs can now benefit from –

  • Data provided neutral location data company Factual, making location data accessible to everyone, and
  • Mobile data exchange adsquare, without requiring a second integration to those companies.

The integration enables DSPs to benefit from Mobfox’s high quality inventory together with relevant data from Factual and adsquare, providing them with more segmented audience data and thus a better understanding of their audience’s behavior.

In 2014, Matomy Media Group, a global advertising performance company, acquired Mobfox. It added Mobfox’s ad technology into its own suite of advanced programmatic solutions.

Interview with Noam Neumann, VP Mobile Strategy of Matomy

Noam Neumann
Noam Neumann, VP Mobile Strategy at Matomy Media Group

MTS: How is your integration with Factual different from the one with Adform? How do you see these collaborations impacting the adtech industry in the future? 

Noam Neumann: The Mobfox integration with Factual is unique because our audience is comprised of DSPs and buyers, rather than advertisers. We overlap, however, in our goal to make data more easily accessible and empower our buyers with the strongest targeting capabilities available.

I am optimistic about these growing partnerships and believe they point to an industry ready for collaboration that values mutually beneficial service offerings. I also believe that these growing collaborations help create a more efficient and transparent industry, which we’re both committed to supporting and actively working tirelessly to create.

MTS: How would you distinguish between the following data streams.

  • Audience data
  • Customer data
  • Device Data

Noam Neumann: It’s important to differentiate between data streams because they each provide us with useful information to optimize targeting capabilities. Audience data encompasses a group of people’s interests, hobbies, demographics, and other characteristics that have been deduced from various data and bid streams, such as location and app usage data.

An example of a non-location-based audience data segment is users who download apps like CNN or BBC, and are then identified as ‘news lovers’.

If you zoom in, customer data is a type of audience data that includes a person or group of people based on their history as a consumer, someone buying from an online shop or a brick and mortar store. People who have recently visited a car dealership, for example, would be identified as customers that are looking to buy a car, which can be extremely useful for advertising. This type of data is usually collected from beacons.

Finally, device data is derived from a users’ devices and device usage. Device data is most commonly used to optimize cross-channel targeting. All of these data streams are anonymized.

MTS: How does the DSP integration provide buyers with a seamless experience? How do location audience segments fit in to this?

Noam Neumann: Mobfox’s integration with Factual and adsquare, offering their anonymized location and mobile data directly from its SSP, opens DSPs and buyers access to these streams seamlessly and in one place, without requiring independent integrations for each data provider. Mobfox empowers its partners, DSPs and buyers in this case, by assembling optimized media buying ‘packages’.

MTS: Which locations would be covered through this partnership? Would this be a global expansion or a region-based availability?

Noam Neumann: This partnership is mainly focused on the US and the UK, and it is part of Mobfox’s commitment to providing its partners around the world with quality data through seamless integrations for their media buying needs.

MTS: Why do marketers and advertisers need a monetization and mediation platform to ramp up their revenue?

Noam Neumann: A monetization and mediation platform’s goal is to do the heavy lifting for the marketers and advertisers—to know the media well and hold the data necessary to run successful campaigns and maximize revenue. At Mobfox, and through this integration with Factual and adsquare, we can provide our buyers and DSPs with a one-stop-shop for media and quality data so that they don’t need to find, partner with, and integrate multiple media and data streams themselves to support their media buying efforts.

Partnership With Factual and adquare to Reduce Latency, Possible Errors, and Data Leakage

Kumaran Sambandam, VP, Mobfox Exchange, said, “Mobfox is excited to partner with these data companies and be the first to allow access to audience data to DSPs, directly on our platform. We are constantly looking for ways to provide advertisers with more segmented data that allows them to run more targeted, effective, and successful campaigns. Hosting the data directly on our platform means we are saving the DSPs a secondary integration and effectively reducing latency, possible errors, and data leakage.”

Rob Jonas, SVP of Revenue of Factual, said,“Factual’s mission is to make trusted location data accessible to advertisers around the world. This partnership with Mobfox will enable DSPs to tap into Factual data, greatly benefiting advertisers by making high quality location intelligence more easily accessible and ultimately creating more effective targeting and audience segmentation.”

Tom Laband, Co-Founder & CEO of adsquare, said, “According to the latest 2017 IAB report, mobile accounts for a majority of total digital ad spend in the US. As advertisers allocate larger budgets to mobile, they have also realized that better segmented audience data yields more successful mobile campaigns. By partnering with a global leader such as Mobfox and for the first time offering our data through a single integration with the Mobfox SSP, we’re able to provide clients with access to better data on a larger scale in a more efficient manner.”

Mobfox Enables App Developers to Manage Their Media Smarter

Currently, Mobfox works with over 175 DSPs and 40,000-plus registered publishers, as well as leading mobile advertising companies. Mobfox serves as a single gateway for mobile, video and native ad inventory management via a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace.

Mobfox first partnered with Factual in January to expand its mobile geo targeting capabilities and ensure improved audience targeting. By partnering with Factual and adsquare, Mobfox would enable app developers to manage their media smarter, and generate more revenue with high CPMs and fill rates from diversified and global demand sources.

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