PubMatic Extends Prebid.js with OpenWrap to Enrich Header Bidding Integrations

PubMatic Extends Prebid.js with OpenWrap to Enrich Header Bidding Integrations

Empowers publishers to balance header bidding integration mix with enterprise management capabilities 

PubMatic, the automation solutions company for an open digital media industry, today announced further expansion of its OpenWrap product, now the industry’s first free and fully-supported hybrid wrapper solution. Extending the most widely used open-source container script, Prebid.js, OpenWrap optimizes a publisher’s integration mix of client- and server-side demand to future-proof their ad decisioning strategies.

“Publishers no longer need to choose between growing monetization today with client-side integrations and preparing for a future where auctions will transition to the server-side,” said Evan Simeone, SVP of product management, PubMatic.

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PubMatic Delivers Unique Header Bidding Capabilities

OpenWrap extends Prebid.js to provide management tools that publishers need to enrich their header bidding strategies. With PubMatic’s OpenWrap, publishers will have the ability to —

  • Utilize investment in existing Prebid.js adapters and header integrations
  • Leverage PubMatic’s intuitive UI, where they can effectively manage all of their header bidding partners with granular user controls for configurations such as timeout settings and PMP deal support, without requiring complex custom coding
  • Access industry-leading real-time analytics, including the volume, latency and monetization metrics they need for holistic inventory management
  • Increase ad revenue while lowering operational costs with an optimal mix of client- and server-side integrations

Maintain and Scale Existing Header Bidding Solutions

Hybrid Wrapper by OpenWrap is capable of optimizing header integrations with enterprise-level management tools, enabling customers to maintain and grow with existing header bidding solutions.

Simeone adds, “By extending the leading open-source code, Prebid.js, which has access to over 70 demand partners and hundreds of DSPs, OpenWrap now provides publishers with the broadest access to demand in the market while eliminating the need for them to make tradeoffs. To ensure future success, publishers must be able to effectively optimize their header bidding integrations to help maximize revenue and simplify partner management.”

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Hybrid Wrapper Spells Evolution in Advertising Technology

Further, OpenWrap can be implemented in days rather than months. All publishers will receive dedicated support from PubMatic’s solutions engineering and account teams at no extra fee, enabling them to effectively optimize their header bidding strategies for improved monetization.

“Revenue management technology is rapidly evolving, each company progressing at its own pace,” explained PubMatic co-founder and CEO, Rajeev Goel. “With OpenWrap’s hybrid approach, publishers can easily shift monetization strategies as demand migrates from client-side to server-side, all within a single, fully-supported solution, at no additional cost to the publisher.”

The expansion of OpenWrap is the latest innovation from PubMatic, which announced its in-app header bidding capabilities earlier this year. OpenWrap has been adopted by dozens of publishers worldwide, and the comprehensive hybrid wrapper is another step toward returning full control of ad decisioning to publishers.

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