PubMatic Integrates with Amazon Publisher Services to Expand Its Header Bidding Solutions

PubMatic Integrates with Amazon Publisher Services to Expand Its Header Bidding Solutions

PubMatic and amazon publisher services

The deal allows Amazon’s publishers to add PubMatic as monetization partner

PubMatic, the automation solutions provider for an open digital media industry, has integrated with Amazon Publisher Services to enable publishers to either implement PubMatic’s OpenWrap header bidding solution or to add the company as a monetization partner through Amazon’s cloud-based header bidding solution- Transparent Ad Marketplace.  Amazon’s header bidding solution operates on the company cloud rather than the client-side or web browser which possibly eases any delay in the page loading.

This partnership expands publisher access to programmatic demand through SEVEN, which is PubMatic’s revenue management platform for publishers and programmatic tools for media buyers.

Evan Simeone
Evan Simeone, SVP- Product Management, PubMatic

“We’re very excited to integrate with Transparent Ad marketplace,” said Evan Simeone, Senior Vice President of Product Managemen, PubMatic. “We see Amazon’s offering as a clear indication that they are just as dedicated to providing publishers with the most advanced monetization technology possible as we are at PubMatic.”

This news follows the successful integration of Rubicon project’s header bidding solution with Amazon Publisher Services Transparent Ad Marketplace, in June 2017.

Amazon rolled out header bidding solutions in December 2016 and joined the competition with Google and Facebook. It is designed to help web publishers enable multiple ad buyers such as ad networks and ad agencies, to bid on ad space at the same time. This replaces Google DoubleClick’s bidding system that takes bids in sequence.

The deal is expected to strengthen the path for publishers looking to maintain control over ad decision making and optimize demand for every impression. Pubmatic’s is continuously expanding its header bidding solutions to publishers to offer transparency and fairness in the digital ad ecosystem. In May, PubMatic, also expanded its OpenWrap product by extending the open-source container script, Prebid.js, to optimize the publisher’s integration mix of client- and server-side demand to future-proof their ad decision-making strategies.

Header bidding has gained momentum in the past year as it helps publishers gain better control over their ad inventory by conducting direct auctions and generating higher revenue.

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