BrightLine Partners with Sizmek to Deliver Screen-Optimized Experiences for Connected TV and Mobile


It is a hard fact now. Advertisers are no longer willing to stick to the traditional ad formats. They are increasingly looking to scale their visual engagement across diverse channels, creating and delivering ads that “Run-Everywhere”. fulfill the need of the advertisers for long-form ad content in connected TV, BrightLine has announced a strategic partnership with open ad management company, Sizmek.

By partnering Sizmek, BrightLine will offer marketers seamless access to video content creation for multi-screen ad formats, including desktop, mobile, tablet, and over-the-top TV (OTT). The latest ad tech partnership aims at creating enriching visual messages for each screen-type, working individually with connected TV (SMART TV) providers to implement campaigns.

BrightLine’s OTT ad tools combined with Sizmek’s HTML5 VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) technology will enable marketers to replicate the video experience across all screens. Also, the companies are providing publishers and ad networks with omni-screen video features with their media sales.

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Mark Grether, Executive Chairman at Sizmek says, “Media agencies, creative agencies, and publishers now have an economical option to reach audiences across screens with interactive video, going beyond the desktop.”

Grether adds, “Brands would have had to design creative for each different type of screen and work with each Connected TV provider to execute – a costly and time-consuming effort. Together with BrightLine, we make interactive TV ads more widely accessible for marketers.”

Jacqueline Corbelli, co-founder and CEO of BrightLine, added: “Under pressure to find efficiencies, agencies will sometimes settle for a sub-optimal, one-size-fits-all experience to simplify workflow. Together with Sizmek, we now offer agencies and publishers a best of both worlds solution – world class, truly screen-optimized experiences for connected TV and mobile/desktop, integrated into a single workflow.”

Sizmek and BrightLine’s unified ad tech solution aims to offer customized interactivity, engaging audiences not only via connected TV (SMART TV), but also on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Extending the reach of traditional TV to connected TV is becoming more of an imperative for marketers. While they’re moving toward connected TV advertising, it still doesn’t provide enough reach on its own.

Industry studies report that advanced TV ads delivered on OTT platforms have higher engagement metrics compared to traditional TV ads, including higher purchasing intent, higher brand recall and higher likeliness to recommend. Already, nearly three-fourths (74%) of households now have an Internet-connected TV, according to a recent survey conducted by The Diffusion Group.

Sizmek, as the largest independent ad server for display and programmatic channels, caters to more than 42,000 next generation advertisers, agencies, publishers, and trading desks. Currently, Sizmek offers a well-rounded suite of ad tech solutions, including vertical videostitials, out-stream pushdowns, Expandable and Page peel.

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