Skyhook-AppNexus AdTech Collaboration: Personalized Programmable Marketing Attribution Very Soon

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Skyhook, world’s leading 1st party location network provider, announced its collaboration with the AppNexus marketplace. The announcement makes the international internet advertising and ad management software SkyHook’s first mobile location insights data provider. The latest AdTech integration will make SkyHook Personas the go-to platform for every location-based targeting and marketing attribution in the near future.

SkyHook’s Personas for AdTech integrated to the AppNexus marketplace will help generate more return on investment from publishers’ advertising inventory. Keeping an eye on the maturity of the advertisement landscape, marketers can focus on personalized advertising based on behavioral retargeting.

“We were drawn to Skyhook’s extensive history in the mobile location space, as well as their dedication to delivering accurate, high-value segments,” said Joe Bell, Account Director at AppNexus. “As digital advertising becomes increasingly personalized and programmable, AppNexus clients require a location partner that can produce precise insights at scale. Skyhook’s innovative technology and thoughtful team have us excited to go to market with an advanced solution.”

AppNexus offers simplified machine learning and data analytics capabilities to make customers monetize every chunk of the marketing stack. SkyHook intends to utilize AppNexus’ data marketplace to remove misplaced ads, false attributions and lowly cost-per-thousand impressions (CPMs). It will ensure high accuracy in behavioral retargeting based on location history even in offline mode. SkyHook’s Personas currently process trillions of location signals to derive compelling insights into targeting, personalization and attribution for mobile advertisers.

“Location services are a critical component to today’s advertising initiatives, especially when consumers demand highly relevant offers and personalized insights. It’s natural that advertisers and publishers are looking for those targeting capabilities,” said Matt Kojalo, VP of Adtech at Skyhook. “AppNexus’ community will be able to use Skyhook’s location-based segments to derive greater value from their campaigns and ensure a satisfactory experience for its customers.”

Mobile advertising will be a US $100 billion industry by 2020. Much of that revenue will be generated from mobile location-based targeting and attribution. SkyHook’s futuristic AdTech strategy  is perfectly aligned to make the highest contribution to the mobile advertising industry.


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