Sonobi Announces Programmatic Header-Bidding Integration with Facebook Audience Network

Sonobi Announces Programmatic Header-Bidding Integration with Facebook Audience Network

Sonobi, a Florida-based ad tech developer that provides header bidding technology to the industry, officially announced integration with Facebook Audience Network. The new integration will help publishers monetize their mobile app and website with premium ad inventories and gain an additional source of brand demand across social media.

Sonobi’s latest product for Facebook Audience Network works on a highly refined People-based marketing strategy that helps advertisers create engaging customer experiences packaged in a valuable, insightful campaigns. The company already provides JetStream for B2B marketers.

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While building the integration for Facebook Audience Network, Sonobi acknowledged about keeping all core issues in adtech in mind, ensuring that the product for the market adheres to the highest standard in the industry.

Michael Connolly, CEO of Sonobi says —

“We are proud to participate in this program which allows us to make the advertising industry a more fair and equitable place. We worked with the Facebook team to develop shared best practices that benefits publishers, advertisers and the user experience.”

Since its introduction in 2014, Audience Network has brought together ad developers from around the world, bringing Facebook ads into mobile apps. Facebook took “wraps off its header bidding solution”, and Sonobi is the partner it is relying on to build the technology. By integrating with Sonobi, publishers that are Facebook Partners can flip a switch for access to Audience Network.

Sonobi, by offering programmatic technology to buyers and sellers, enables advertisers to explore innovative ways to monetize efforts across websites and apps. The programmatic industry is at a key inflection point, and Sonobi believes if adtech adheres to these shared principles, it can promote success for all parties involved and ensure everyone is indeed creating value.

Server-to-server integrations, where the bidding happens outside of a browser, has been shown to improve latency and create a better user experience. Sonobi is helping to ensure that header-based technology can promote a fair and equitable market for the advertising industry all whilst working to adhere to best practices that maximize value for the three most important parties in the business of media – publishers, advertisers, and users.

Sonobi’s integration with Facebook on mobile web bidding is a big step forward towards an environment that is open and connected, where no player has a structural advantage.

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