SteelHouse Advertising Suite Gives Brands Everything They Need to Advertise Themselves

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SteelHouse strengthened its commitment to advertising technology with the broad release of its Advertising Suite, and will increase its US-based teams by over 50 percent before the end of the year. The company’s Outcome Based Advertising technology brings scale to in-house marketing teams, empowering brands to create and manage their own digital advertising from a single SaaS platform.

Steelhouse carousel advertisingThe SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives marketers the ability to build beautiful ads from scratch or customize the extensive SteelHouse ad template library. They can use their own assets or choose from Getty Images’ library of stock images and video at no additional charge. Marketers set their goal and budget and the technology does the rest – instantly launching their campaign in over 30 different ad sizes and formatting them for display, mobile, social, native, and video placement. Its Dynamic Spend Optimization automatically reallocates budget in real time across all placements, channels, and publishers to achieve the best outcomes.

Multichannel advertising has added another layer of complexity to media buying. Brands and agencies are using teams of people as they attempt to maximize budgets, but that’s expensive and inefficient. The SteelHouse platform solves that problem with automation. SteelHouse’s solutions give advertisers total transparency and complete control over their campaigns. SteelHouse has more than 700 customers including brands like Virgin America, TUMI, Staples, Beachbody, and others.

“There are plenty of things humans do better than computers. Managing digital media isn’t one of them. Constantly optimizing publisher selection, budgeting, performance analysis and bidding across multiple channels is nearly impossible by hand,” said SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas. “Our technology eliminates thousands of wasted hours so marketers can spend more time actually marketing.”

“Advertisers tell us they are ready to build and run their own digital campaigns,” said SteelHouse COO Chris Innes. “We are confident with this release they will take greater ownership of the campaign execution process and we are committed to their success.”

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