Swrve Extends Leading Mobile Customer Interaction Platform to Support Streaming Video and OTT TV Platforms

Streaming Video-On-Demand and OTT Service Providers Can Now Use Swrve to Drive Engagement, Revenue, and Retention Across All Their Platforms

Swrve, the leader in cross-platform customer interaction for sales, marketing, and operations, has extended its platform to support Digital Media Streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Pay TV is in decline. Every quarter, 1.5 million US consumers abandon traditional paid TV bundles in favor of streaming media directly from content providers across a range of streaming media services, devices, and Smart TVs.

Swrve Extends Leading Mobile Customer Interaction Platform to Support Streaming Video and OTT TV Platforms


Swrve Extends Leading Mobile Customer Interaction Platform to Support Streaming Video and OTT TV Platforms

Fifty-four percent of US households use OTT (over-the-top, which is defined as using apps to stream video content to a television set) platforms today.  Consumers spend an astonishing 2 hours consuming digital media.  This represents a unique opportunity for content providers – a direct, profitable and enduring relationship with consumers.

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Christopher S. Dean
Christopher S. Dean, CEO Swrve

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, to understand what customers should expect from the introduction of Behavioral Automation in OTT and Connected TV market.

MTS: What’s the relevance of Behavioral Automation in OTT and Connected TV market?

Christopher Dean (Chris): At the heart of everything Swrve does is a deep insight into customer behavior. We record billions of events every day across multiple channels to ensure we have the best possible ‘view’ of the customer.

Perhaps most importantly we make that view available in real-time, so complex recency and frequency queries relating to viewing and browsing habits (for example) are resolved ‘in the moment’ as campaigns are designed and delivered.

Swrve Extends Leading Mobile Customer Interaction Platform to Support Streaming Video and OTT TV Platforms
Swrve Tip Overlay

In OTT, that insight is obviously particularly important: it enables our customers to deliver highly relevant campaigns that improve customer experience (rather than destroy it!) and are effective as a result. Those campaigns can range from specific recommendations for programs and series, or promotions for packages and upgrades based on previous viewing preferences.

MTS: Is Customer Intention Engine an extension of traditional marketing attribution models?

Chris: Not really. When we speak of ‘intention targeting’ we’re really articulating the way that our real-time insight engine gives us so much detail – and detail that is relevant right now – that effectively we are reading intent as it happens.

We also work in mobile, where in addition we can fold third-party data relating to the environment the user is in at that time. That makes intent real – if I’m outdoors and it’s raining, I want an umbrella (or more relevantly a cab).

No matter what demographic I’m in. With the ability to know pretty much everything about each individual user, at each moment in time, campaigns are based not on what has happened, but what can be assumed is more likely to happen in the future.

MTS: What aspect of AI/ machine learning are you utilizing in measuring OTT customer interactions?

Chris: Where machine learning really comes into play is in establishing ‘propensity’ amongst individuals and audiences rather than necessarily measuring the resultant interactions.

We work closely with customers to build models for their specific business and challenges – every business is different and has both different data and different objectives. We do support ‘native’ A/B testing and complex analysis of results to ensure that results are statistically meaningful and can be pushed out across the app with confidence.

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That approach means our customers can ‘get best’ when it comes to app experience as quickly as possible.
Currently, Swrve has an unmatched track record enabling organizations to drive engagement, retention, and revenue by sending ‘perfect massage, perfect time’ campaigns based on real-time customer intelligence.

Swrve solutions for OTT is in early access and has already
been sold to many of the world’s leading media companies.

With this release, Swrve enables streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) companies customers to deliver rich-media, personalized campaigns on OTT platforms, driving loyalty and revenue in the media, entertainment and streaming industries.

This new release integrates three core elements in one real-time platform–

– Customer Intention Engine

Every fragment of customer viewing – from first interaction years ago to last interaction minutes ago – is structured, available and actionable. This uniquely deep behavioral segmentation reveals customer intent.  Who watched every episode of Season 6 Game of Thrones last year, and have viewed the trailer for Series 7 twice in the past week?

– Customer Interaction Engine

Intent meets Interaction.  Deliver uniquely personalized cross-platform customer communications across a variety of channels including native mobile, desktop, and mobile internet/email, and now SVOD OTT platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Swrve Extends Leading Mobile Customer Interaction Platform to Support Streaming Video and OTT TV Platforms
Swrve Upsell Messaging

– Behavioral Automation

With behavioral automation, it is now possible to interact in context with every customer. Set up Swrve to onboard every new user, nurture usage during free trials, suggest new things they should try, cross-sell and upsell existing customers, or re-engage subscribers who may be slipping away.

Chris added, “Swrve already works with many of the world’s leading media companies on mobile and now on OTT platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Media companies need to build direct relationships with their viewers, deliver the right interactions at the right moment in time, and drive revenue. With this announcement, media companies can know and grow customer relationships across all the platforms customer use today.”

How Mobile Customer Interaction Platform by Swrve Works

Take the example of a streaming OTT service wishing to subscribe users to a sports package. Swrve can identify in real-time those users who have paid one-time fees for a sports events a certain number of times within any specified time frame, or alternatively those who have watched events involving a specific team or personality who has a major upcoming subscriber-only event.

Campaigns promoting subscription packages can be shown at specified times in the OTT experience to those audiences with the highest intent to purchase and integrate seamlessly with the payment process to ensure maximum conversion rates. These campaigns can be A/B tested to deliver further optimization.

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In addition, other channels, including native mobile (push and in-app messaging) and email can be added to lifecycle marketing efforts, helping with tasks, including onboarding, feature discovery and even re-engagement after churn.

Experience the New-Gen Real-Time Data Orchestration for Mobile Marketing Automation

Currently, Swrve’s next-generation customer interaction platform helps enterprises maximize engagement and monetization by empowering marketers to deliver bespoke mobile experiences to every customer. Swrve provides a comprehensive set of tools that include audience targeting, real-time segmentation, conversations, push notifications, in-app messaging, A/B testing, predictive models, real-time data orchestration, and rich analytics across all marketing channels.

Swrve partners with leading brands, agencies, and technology partners – including The Guardian, Condé Nast, Warner Brothers, Salesforce, Oracle, and Marketo – and is installed in hundreds of apps across industries, such as retail, media, travel/hospitality, entertainment, sports, games, and banking.

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