TabMo Partners with adsquare to Unlock Unique Opportunities in Programmatic Advertising

TabMo Partners adsquare to Unlock Unique Opportunities in Programmatic Advertising

TabMo, a mobile programmatic ad platform for agencies and advertisers, announced its partnership with adsquare, an in-app targeting and data exchange platform. adsquare will collaborate with TabMo on its cutting-edge programmatic ad platform, branded as “Hawk”.

TabMo is collaborating with adsquare to power high-precision targeted omnichannel ad campaigns connecting with the right audience with a pertinent message that serves a meaningful purpose. The partnership between TabMo and adsquare will enhance the existing demand-side platform for mobiles. It will enable programmatic ad buyers and advertisers to leverage TabMo’s Hawk and access targeted ads containing valuable customer data. TabMo users can gain from real-time insights on mobile location, events, household size, income, and purchase pattern, in addition to historical purchase intent of the customers and their app usage.

Currently, Hawk is the only mobile advertising platform that combines the contemporary methodologies of programmatic ad with customer automation and user experience data. adsquare fills up the gap between the data provider and the advertiser, offering customized privately-owned marketplace with scalable data onboarding. adsquare’s Audience Management Platform offers total control and transparency on how data flows from the exchange to advertisers, tapping new revenue channels enabled with pre-bidding integration.

Mobile programmatic is rapidly turning into a premium in-app inventory for mobile advertisers. In 2016, mobile device usage registered a lion’s share of consumer’s daily online activity. As advertisers hit the ground running with mobile-centric programmatic ads for better audience engagement, there has been a sudden rush of data-tracking and geo-location detection capabilities in mobile automation tools.

via adsquare resources
via adsquare resources

Despite the technical complexities, programmatic advertising holds the key to unlocking ad tech opportunities in 2017. TabMo-adsquare partnership is set to achieve just that, with a simplified vision.

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