Tapad Partners with WideOrbit to Offer Unified Cross-Device Programmatic TV Inventory

Tapad Partners with WideOrbit to Offer Unified Cross-Device Programmatic TV Inventory

Tapad, the leading unified cross-device marketing technology solutions provider, announced a key partnership with the leading programmatic ad management software company WideOrbit. The two companies will collaborate on developing the industry’s maiden programmatic TV-buying platform driven by a device graph. The new platform will enable marketers to expand their customer engagement using interactive ad formats using offline and online analytics.

WideOrbit + Tapad = precise audience discovery for Cross-Device marketers

WideOrbit provides cutting-edge broadcasting technology that enables marketers to streamline ad campaigns and maximize revenue in one comprehensive platform. Integrating WideOrbit’s innovative supply-side inventory platform with Tapad’s Device Graph will allow marketers to leverage audience interaction across devices to boost TV buys, accelerating optimization and enabling ROI-specific audience discovery.

Tapad also offers an innovative custom-rich cross-device metric tool to measure Viewable Exposure Time (VET). The VET measurement tool helps identify campaign’s optimal VET, boosting sales conversion rates by 60% at lowest cost. Additionally, integrating the Tapad Device Graph™ with digital feedback loops and audiences both accelerates optimization and enables precise audience discovery for TV marketers.

VET Analytics via Tapad
VET Analytics via Tapad

“The integration of WideOrbit’s quality TV supply takes orchestrated cross-screen media buys to the next level,” said Marshall Wong, Tapad’s SVP of TV market development. “Marketers can now optimize TV campaigns within days instead of weeks. This also untethers them from buying against generic demographics like age and gender. By allowing brands to employ their own CRM or third-party data, we can move them much closer to audiences who will take action.”

How Tapad Device GraphTM works?

Tapad offers marketers a unified view on how different people use various devices to consume information. Tapad Device Graph identifies the user touchpoints across various devices, analyze the content consumption in each device and pool analytics from each device. The device graph refines device data, compares it with log in details in each device and provides a clear picture of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

via Tapad
via Tapad

Benefits of Tapad-WideOrbit partnership

  • Advertisers can now target audiences with unified content-rich messages across all devices to enhance brand engagement.
  • Marketers can build personalized customer experience with cross-device identification
  • Ad makers can monetize ad campaigns, enabled with a 360-degreee vision across all devices and consumers
  • Sales team can build a strong unified customer acquisition strategy using the cross-device platform

“Integrating Tapad’s device graph with WideOrbit’s programmatic marketplace delivers enormous value to marketers looking to add TV to cross-device campaigns,” said Ian Ferreira, EVP of programmatic at WideOrbit. “Television still delivers the most efficient reach of any medium, and Tapad’s platform now allows marketers to purchase premium broadcast inventory that extends the power of cross-screen campaigns to TV with a single, unified solution.”

Tapad, a Telenor company based in New York, was founded in 2010 with a mission to “unify life across all devices”. Its ground-breaking technology is a powerful tool for marketers to assimilate billions of data points influencing human relationships across smartphones, desktops and laptops, connected TVs, in-store apps and gaming consoles. With WideOrbit platform, advertisers can now deepen customer engagement with a flawless fluid experience in a unified channel that is both optimized for performance and cost.

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