Thunder and Kepler Group Join Forces to Improve Programmatic Ads with Personalization and Targeted Data

Thunder and Kepler Group Join Forces to Improve Programmatic Ads with Personalization and Targeted Data

Integrated Thunder & Kepler Platforms will provide a new level of data insight currently unavailable from ad servers and highly personalized creative campaigns across channels

Thunder, the award-winning Creative Management Platform (CMP), announced a technological partnership with Kepler Group, a global digital and database services provider to Fortune 500 clients. This integration marries the data-driven and creative components of programmatic campaign management to enable higher levels of campaign sophistication.

“By integrating these platforms — Thunder on the creative side, and Kepler on the trafficking, data and media agency side — we are solving many of the issues associated with multiple ad tech partners, saving marketers an enormous amount of time and resources,” said Victor Wong, CEO of Thunder.

According to research by AppNexus, up to 97% of programmatic campaigns lack a targeted creative for each audience segment. Brands and advertisers need to combat the programmatic spent wasted(30% of the $20B annual spent) in underutilized targeting by activating their data and delivering personalized messages that truly resonate with customers.

The integrated Thunder & Kepler Platforms will allow marketers to tailor customer experiences by device and channel, and manage all of the data required to programmatically target customers. Kepler will provide a new level of data insight currently unavailable from ad servers. While Thunder will enable marketers to execute highly personalized creative for every size, format, and version across channels.

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Rick Greenberg, CEO of Kepler Group, said, “Thunder is the clear leader in programmatic creative technology so was the natural choice as our first partner in the space. We believe their platform can deliver immediate upside for sophisticated advertisers and are incredibly excited for this integration’s potential impact.”

Greenberg further informed that Kepler’s tech reduces the workload associated with campaign design, setup and daily optimization by 90%, and Thunder does the same for creative versioning and management. He highlighted the group’s commitment to freeing Kepler and client resources to focus on more value-added efforts and automating campaign processes. The integration enables marketers to automate the flow of unlimited creative versions built in Thunder CMP.

Subsequently, Kepler Intelligence Platform™ will enable Thunder’s creative to be pushed into multiple ad servers and demand side platforms without the usual data loss, disconnected tactics and cross-organization communication issues that accompany the fragmented ad tech landscape.

Thunder CMP includes a DCO App and other Thunder Apps to meet all the quality and quantity standards of the world’s leading brands. Thunder is listed among Forbes top 100 most promising companies.

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