Treasure Data and Eyeota Partner to Strengthen Data Offerings and Amplify Audience Targeting

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Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, and Treasure Data, the leading customer data platform to make all data connected, current and easily accessible, have partnered to bring Eyeota’s extensive audience data segments to more clients around the globe.

With the integration of Eyeota data into Treasure Data’s customer data platform, brands can leverage the combined power of first- and third-party data to amplify their campaigns. As marketers and advertisers look to differentiate themselves and deliver personalized ads and content, innovative programmatic solutions will play a major role in their success.

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Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO, Treasure Data, said:
Today’s marketers face the surmounting challenge of producing relevant and engaging content for the right audiences at the right time. Without a clear understanding of their behaviors, preferences and purchase intent, it can be difficult to draw their attention. Treasure Data’s capabilities to collect, unify and act on first-party data, enriched by Eyeota’s 3.5 billion unique profiles, will empower marketers to improve their targeting and deliver superior customer experience. We are thrilled to work with Eyeota in this capacity.”

With a proven partnership in Asia-Pacific, the relationship will continue to help global brands delight their customers at scale in North America and the rest of the world. With a 66% increase in use of audience data globally for digital ad campaigns in 2016, programmatic growth continues to accelerate worldwide and offer a range of opportunities for local, regional and global brands to attract and convert customers.

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Kevin Tan, CEO and Co-Founder, Eyeota, said:
Our partnership with Treasure Data provides a simplified way for brands to harness and use the power of audience data in a smart way. We’re pleased to work with Treasure Data to offer a new way for marketers and advertisers to accurately target and reach the right audiences.”

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