TripleLift to Build Super-Smart Programmatic Real-Time Bidding Platform with VoltDB

TripleLift to Build Super-Smart Programmatic Real-Time Bidding Platform with VoltDB

TripleLift + VoltDB

TripleLift, an ad tech firm that delivers both programmatic and native advertising solutions, announced its partnership with VoltDB, which is an enterprise database for tech innovation companies and e-commerce firms. By partnering with VoltDB, TripleLift aims at delivering precision-based native programmatic ads at a magnified scale and pace. VoltDB will enable TripleLift in delivering a true real-time bidding auction platform for both demand-side and server-side vendors.

While the companies go programmatic, there will be a much larger emphasis on creating sponsored content. Regarded as the fastest-growing native format for the second part of the decade, adoption of sponsored content and programmatic native-display campaigns will remain CMO’s prerogative. Reason—high cost of adoption and limited inventory. That’s the area where TripleLift and VoltDB are expected to work on.

Michael Harroun, Head of Backend Engineering at TripleLift, says –

“We were analyzing our streaming data on a per-batch basis with Spark, but this introduced a latency that fell above the real-time requirements for us and our customers. Couple that with the inefficiencies associated with managing multiple Spark clusters in four separate data centers globally, and we knew we needed a database refresh.”

Harroun adds, “The VoltDB Fast Data platform has not only reduced our footprint but provided us with the ability to meet the real-time demands of mobile ad placement while ensuring the accuracy of a growing number of transactions to keep our clients’ ad budgets and actual spend aligned.”

According to Business Insider, native display ad revenue in the US will account for nearly 74% of the total display ad revenue by 2021. The revenue growth from native display advertising campaigns, which include native in-feed ads, will be largely attributed to the dominance of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, `and YouTube.

Sponsored content, which is categorized separately from native-display due to the direct relationship between publishers and brands in creating the format, will be the fastest-growing native format over the next five years. However, the high cost to produce these ads and the limitation in inventory will limit the format.

“Two of the biggest challenges in digital advertising are delivering the right content to the right audience at the right moment and then accurately billing the publisher and advertiser for that content. The key to overcoming these challenges is consistently ingesting, analyzing and acting on live data streams,” said David Flower, President and CEO of VoltDB.

“TripleLift recognized the need to go beyond batch analysis to satisfy the real-time demands of its business. The VoltDB Fast Data Platform enables digital advertising platforms like TripleLift to more efficiently and effectively harness the power of real-time insights to deliver differentiated offerings that meet their customers evolving needs.”

The partnership between TripleLift and VoltDB comes amidst the growing challenge that advertisers face in dealing with ad blockers and malvertising biddings. With many consumers opting for ad-blockers while browsing online, native advertisements — which have a similar look and feel to the editorial content — are driving the next wave of innovation in the digital advertising market.

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