Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub’s Integrations Bring Clarity to Programmatic Media


Visto Compass

Collective, a provider of programmatic advertising solutions, announced the completion of more than 30+ integrations for its Visto™ Enterprise Advertising Hub that enables buying and management across the entire digital media ecosystem through a single user interface. The latest unification brings greater clarity, control, and improved campaign performance.

Patrick McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Marketplace Partnerships for AppNexus, said, “We’re proud to be a part of the solution to problems of vendor fatigue and lack of visibility suffered by brands and agencies. Additionally, the partnership is a win for us, as it enables us to add value for our existing customers while also introducing our tools to a new audience.”

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Uniting all layers of the technology stack, including DSPs, exchanges, SSPs, ad servers, data providers, DMPs and more, Visto is an answer to the ANA’s recent report condemning the lack of transparency in programmatic media-buying. The platform connects previously siloed execution partners with a vendor-agnostic technology that provides visibility throughout the ad tech stack. This empowers enterprises to optimize their advertising by identifying the most efficient and effective path to deliver each impression.

Kerry Bianchi, CEO of Collective, said, “We are incredibly excited to bring to market the most comprehensive platform that truly gives advertisers an easy and transparent way to gain control of their programmatic media supply chain. We’re excited to increase the number of valued partners integrated into Visto and showcasing them to top brands and agencies.”

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Full Visto integration includes read/write access to the platform’s API, allowing users to access all of a vendor’s capabilities and offerings directly from Visto. This access significantly streamlines workflows, enabling users to syndicate audiences from their DMP, push creative, process data as well as collect, analyze, and report at the impression-level from all integrated vendors through a single user interface.

Visto’s self-service reporting was launched in 2015, followed by self-service campaign execution in 2016. Since then, Visto has rapidly evolved into a premier full stack advertising solution for brands, agencies and media companies. The growing number of integrated partners reinforces Collective’s mission to build programmatic media solutions that empower clients with the control and clarity they need to drive efficiency while increasing transparency and better performance across their ad operations.

Ari Paparo, CEO of Beeswax, said, “As one of the first integration partners of Visto, we’ve been thrilled with the uptake of this platform. Beeswax is committed to the transparent execution of media across channels, and Visto is an excellent mechanism to bring our technology to sophisticated buyers.”

Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO of Lotame, said, “At Lotame, we are proud to be completely media and vendor agnostic. This partnership with Collective and integration into Visto aligns with our core values and what we offer clients. We are dedicated to bringing transparent solutions to marketers, agencies, and publishers, and this partnership aligns with that. I am happy to see the ecosystem, as a whole, shifting away from siloed solutions.”

Joshua Abram, co-chairman of Dstillery, said, “We’re very excited about this new partnership and completely aligned with Collective’s efforts to unify and simplify a very complex technology stack. Offering one unified experience for brands and agencies provides Dstillery with a powerful way to offer its unique audience targeting and cross-platform programmatic technologies.”

In addition to Visto, Collective also offers audience targeting and campaign analytics platform – CompassTM. Compass by Collective, together with Visto, offer dedicated media solutions to marketers, enabling users to find customers across the multi-screen landscape.

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