Brainshark and Seismic Join Forces to Amplify Sales Enablement and Performance Solutions

A union to promote highly optimized sales readiness

Their customers can expect highly optimized sales readiness and capabilities as Brainshark and Seismic decide to join forces

Brainshark‘s training, coaching and content authoring capacities combined with Seismic‘s advanced content management and personalization solutions are set to reinvent the path to sales mastery. Sales teams have waited for such a collaboration. The alliance promises to empower salespeople with a smarter work environment which would drive sales performance with effective knowledge-driven conversations. This partnership intends to offer high-end assistance to organizations looking for accelerated sales team efficiency, powered by an exclusive and all-inclusive sales enablement solution.

The partnership and its game-changing promises

The partnership is an answer to off-track deals that affect sales operations and hence provides the best concoction of relevant training, coaching, and content, which ensures top performance by the sales reps. Customers can benefit from this integrated solution in 3 ways:
• Sales reps are better prepared for conversations to progress with deals and to improved sales cycle with the help of vital and rich media sales content.

• Sales reps are able to make the best use of critical skills and knowledge, owing to the superior training and coaching capabilities.

• Sales reps are enabled to distribute the right content to the right person at the right time with the automatic recommendations of the personalized and voice-enriched sales content.

According to Heather Cole, Service Director for sales enablement strategies at research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions, “SiriusDecisions research indicates that 74% of organizations with sales enablement functions intend to increase their investment in this area, in the coming year. This finding is not a surprise as we see B2B companies placing top priority on driving rep productivity through improved management of sales talent, assets, and communication.” She further adds saying, “Rep effectiveness and efficiency is directly correlated to their ability to easily access knowledge and resources that drive deals forward. Simplifying this rep access through deep integrations of disparate systems is a must for a seamless experience.”

A Win-Win Position for the Sales Representatives

Professionals from the sales enablement, marketing, and sales operations departments are going to reap the benefits from this partnership. They can now leverage the creation and management of personalized and voice-enriched content to enhance their sales enablement initiatives and processes.

Greg Flynn, Brainshark CEO said, “Sales readiness and sales content management continue to be among the biggest areas affecting sales productivity. As companies grow, these challenges only become more complex. That’s where a comprehensive approach to addressing these problems becomes more important than ever. This partnership with Seismic is about providing customers with a powerful solution to not only arm their salespeople with the right content but to also ensure they’re always prepared with the knowledge and skills to use those resources effectively and consistently win more deals.”

Doug Winter, Seismic co-founder, and CEO added: “In the age of the informed buyer, each stage of the sales cycle is bolstered by timely, personalized content, delivered with confidence and proficiency by the seller. For large enterprises to deliver this experience to buyers at scale requires world-class readiness and enablement platforms, something this partnership will facilitate for joint customers across the globe.”

This unique integration with a holistic approach aims to enhance the salespersons’ confidence, productivity, and efficiency as they can access content and resources pertaining their coaching, training, and collateral from a single source. It allows for greater customer insight that ultimately resonates with the buyers’ experiences while driving sales.

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