Brainshark Streamlines Sales Training and Coaching with Integrated Solutions to Drive Rep Mastery

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Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, today announced the expanded integration of its award-winning training and coaching solutions, helping organizations better prepare sales reps to effectively engage buyers.

All too often, organizations fail to maximize sales training investments by neglecting to provide reinforcement such as coaching. The Sales Management Association found that 77 percent of companies say they don’t provide enough sales coaching. Without systematic, ongoing learning and reinforcement, half of sales learning content is forgotten within five weeks, and 84 percent is lost within 90 days, according to CSO Insights and Sales Performance International.

Brainshark’s expanded capabilities empower sales leaders to more easily reinforce training with coaching activities. Now organizations can ensure reps not only complete their training, but also achieve mastery of critical messages via video coaching challenges. Salespeople benefit from a seamless way to practice critical skills and messages – enabling sales managers to be more confident that their reps are truly ‘field-ready.’ The solution also allows for continuous peer-to-peer coaching to help reps learn from colleagues about objection handling, industry-specific sales strategies and more.

The newly integrated offerings make it easy for sales teams to:

  • Reinforce sales learning with follow-on coaching activities as part of formal courses and curricula.
  • Better measure training effectiveness to ensure reps are ready to engage in successful sales conversations.
  • Drive peer-to-peer learning by capturing and sharing the best example challenge responses from reps in Brainshark’s unique interactive video format. These examples can be shared via a link, in a learning portal or as a part of a formal training course.
  • Validate that reps are ‘field-ready’ through the combination of onboarding, training and coaching evaluations.

In addition to the integration of training and coaching activities, new sales coaching enhancements enable content reviewers to create detailed coaching reports for deeper insight into the effectiveness of coaching initiatives. This helps sales enablement leaders gauge reps’ strengths and areas for improvement, while making it easy for sales managers and coaches to provide more meaningful feedback and share best practices based on reviewer activity.

Brainshark’s customers are driving tangible results and better sales mastery by structuring their sales readiness programs around an integrated training and coaching solution.

It’s important for us to train our field reps in four different stages: delivering the initial information, providing learning reinforcement, assessing retention and simulating real-world applications,” said Pete Bell, head of sales enablement and execution at Spectranetics, a cardiovascular medical device manufacturer. “We selected Brainshark for its versatility, ease of use, and streamlined training and coaching experience. The user experience is fantastic, and our engagement levels have been off the charts. We had a testing booth at our recent global sales meeting, where reps had to recite key facts that have been part of their learning, and had over a 95 percent pass rate – which is absolutely unheard of without using a solution like Brainshark.”

Michael Salerno, Brainshark’s vice president of product, said: “Adding coaching reinforcement within a formal learning process is a highly effective way to help sellers master the material. This product release empowers our customers to quickly embed coaching activities within their sales training and readiness strategies, increasing their capacity to outsell the competition.”

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