Clari Announces Dynamic Forecasting, Industry’s First Solution to Drive Sales Execution and Forecast Accuracy

Clari Announces Dynamic Forecasting, Industry's First Solution to Drive Sales Execution and Forecast Accuracy

Real-Time Data Science, Activity Tracking and Salesforce Integrations Redefine Sales Forecasting for Enterprise Teams

Clari, the leading end-to-end sales forecasting solution provider, announced Dynamic Forecasting for enterprise sales teams. Through data science and machine learning, Dynamic Forecasting powers the entire forecasting process, from capturing the forecast to aligning and driving the business. Dynamic Forecasting accompanies 10 new product enhancements to the Clari solution, including advanced filtering, multi-currency support and advanced security features.

“Spreadsheet-based forecasting isn’t just a time suck. It results in lost deals by limiting visibility and focusing teams around an error-prone process,” said Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari. “By automating this painful process and focusing teams on what matters most — the true state of every deal — customers using Dynamic Forecasting won’t just get a more accurate view of their number. They will also be able to improve close rates and drive meaningful top-line growth.”

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Because traditional forecasting solutions rely on static captures of data from a single, often inaccurate and incomplete CRM data source, their predictions may be outdated or imprecise. Clari’s Dynamic Forecasting uses machine learning to track real-time deal progress and sales rep activity. These activity-based insights enable sales managers and executives to see even the smallest changes to their pipeline — and to understand the impact on the forecast.

“You can’t do any significant planning when your forecasting is off, either too high or too low,” said Allen Dinh, Head of Global Sales Finance and Operations, A10 Networks. “With Clari’s forecasting capabilities, we can link our financial picture to our business plan in order to grow more cost-effectively.”

Customers using Dynamic Forecasting will benefit from:

  • Unlimited Customization: Sales teams can now customize forecasting with their terminology, functions, and business processes. No more settling for a “one size fits all” forecasting solution.
  • Real-time Rollups: Sales managers and executives can break down and refine the forecast instantly, using real-time rep rollups to illustrate every change. With highly customizable snapshots, managers can also drill down into specific opportunities for deeper insight.
  • Comparative Analytics: Sales managers and executives can see annual and quarterly trends at both macro and detailed levels. Powerful, detailed visualizations of changes in the forecast over time enable more informed decision-making.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Sales managers and executives can stay up-to-date with forecasting data, make adjustments easily, minimize data entry and improve accuracy through Clari’s deep integration with Salesforce.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Forecasting: With mobile optimization, sales reps can update their forecast anywhere, sales managers and executives get a full view of their business anytime.

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“Clari gives us real confidence in our forecasts,” said Ari Klionsky, Vice President of Sales Operations, Five9. “Clari’s Dynamic Forecasting provides both a top-line number and its underlying components. With that valuable insight, sales management knows exactly where to focus.”

Dynamic Forecasting is just one of many new enterprise product enhancements to Clari’s solution so far in 2016. Others include:

  • Flexible Analytics: Slice-and-dice analytics by any opportunity field to uncover new insights. Users can access real-time metrics and reports anytime, anywhere.
  • SSO Support: Save time and increase productivity by accessing all authorized network resources without logging in separately to each. In addition, users’ established corporate network password policies will also be in effect for Clari.
  • Multicurrency Support: Analyze global forecasts in local currencies with Clari’s integrated support for Salesforce Advanced Currency Management.
  • Salesforce Territories: Enable reps to access not only the deals they own but those assigned to their territories. With these comprehensive views, reps can better manage their deals and easily track progress against revenue objectives.
  • Security Enhancements: Protect against man-in-the-middle attacks with strong security features for iOS and Android apps. Clari provides stringent security technology and features without compromising the user experience.

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