Dreamforce 2017 Exclusive: 5 Exciting Things Awaiting You at Downtown SF This Year

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Next week, Dreamforce 2017 kicks off, promising to be the most rewarding learning experience for the Salesforce community and the martech audience. MarTech Series will bring you news and updates from the event as it happens

Between November 6 and 9, all roads in SF would lead to Dreamforce 2017. Salesforce’s annual learning event, Dreamforce continues to grow bigger, better and more engaging as the most innovative customer service campus in the industry. After an enthralling event in 2017 that saw Salesforce Einstein being ushered into reality, the 2017 edition of Dreamforce promises to be even more exciting and the most impactful event of the year. This year’s edition is bringing together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of visitors at various locations in downtown San Francisco. With over 3,500 sessions spanning over 72 hours, ideas would flow among Salesforce’s many partners, vendors, customers, and stakeholders.

For those who are sad about not making it to the event, here are the top 5 exclusive engagements from the Dreamforce 2017, that we would be covering at MarTech Series.

Salesforce Success Cloud: The New-Age Customer Experience for Sustainable Success


Salesforce is launching the new Success Cloud at Dreamforce 2017 to show how customers can leverage technology to drive continuous success. Already promoted as the “secret sauce” for customers, the Success Cloud would be unveiled amidst a pack of trailblazers explaining how users can transform and reinvent their businesses.

Magnet of the Session: Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez, President, Global Customer Success, Salesforce
Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez, President, Global Customer Success, Salesforce, would speak on howSalesforce offers always-on, adoption, and advisory services to help businesses of every size achieve sustainable success.

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Dreamforce 2017 Super Session: IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein Make Your Business AI-Ready

Adam Bataran and Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek at DreamForce 2017

Easily, the most cutting-edge partnership of the year, IBM and Salesforce joined forces to make AI/ML technologies readily available to all-sized businesses. Adam Bataran and Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek would present their keynote on November 8 on “how to integrate weather and data to deliver the experiences your customers demand, now and in the future.”

Salesforce Reporting and Analytics Roadmap: Leveraging Critical Data at a Lightning Pace

Marko Koosel and Liz Skaates at Dreamforce 2017

Out of 3500-odd sessions, the one on the Salesforce Reports Roadmap promises to be the most exciting. The high-octane keynote session on Salesforce Einstein Analytics features Salesforce Reports & Dashboards team as they provide a sneak peek of the roadmap and the future of Lightning.Closely following the list in terms of importance and interest, the keynote session on the Sales Analytics app sounds engaging too!

Learn how customers maximize their data visualization capabilities with Salesforce Einstein Analytics Explorer. Ed Mengel, Director of Product Management at Salesforce would educate attendees on the best practices and real-life use cases derived from a customer panel!

Behold the Power of Data, Email and Social Customer Care

Kira Iraheta and Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Dreamforce 2017

The most effective way to mesmerize a B2B customer is to approach them at the speed of social. In the digital age, social messaging is no longer an ancillary system, but a core tenet of customer engagement and retention. With its recently launched Social Studio, Salesforce has amped its technology leadership by bringing social media interactions to the center of customer care. Kira Iraheta and Sanjeev Balakrishnan would deliver their keynote on “Salesforce Delivering Social Customer Care” and demonstrate how new-age tools make it possible to achieve higher customer expectations.

So, does that leave emails out of the equation? Not at all! For email marketers, email engineers and data analysts, email data still hold the key to maximize customer interactions, delivering personalized messages with measurable success. Josh Dillehay, Senior Performance Engineer at Salesforce would be addressing the opportunities and challenges in presenting email data in a relevant and effective way.

The Salesforce social media team would present 10 secrets that amplify the power of Social Studio across social marketing, CRM, and customer support.

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Running Lean on Budget, Yet Staying Above Competition

The boundaries are disappearing for the CIO, CMO, and CTO in building and running a digital-driven organization. Unlike the IT-era where ROIs went unjustified for a large part of the financial year, modern CIOs and CMOs are focused at working together to build, design, and deploy, a very competitive, contemporary digital platform, step-by-step on a lean budget. Benjamin Bump, Jon Busman and Jason Crowder would reveal their tips, tricks, and best practices that turn you into an ROI savant on a lean budget!

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