Making A Splash On The Salesforce AppExchange

Splash Appexchange banner

Splash recently announced that its latest app, SplashConnect, will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange. SplashConnect helps a business connect with customers, employees and partners in new ways. The new app is expected to provide never-before-seen experience in sales.

Splash Appexchange banner
SplashConnect transforms events into high-performing and quantifiable channels. Event marketers can track leads as and when customers go through the event life cycle. It can also measure the impact and usefulness of each event.

Many software companies lack the ability to affect decision making in the way an event can during live interaction. SplashConnect is used to optimize such live interactions and enhance the overall marketing efforts through data gathered on-site. It also involves sales teams in real time and alerts them through SMS notifications about the status of leads and the next course of action.

How it affects event marketers

Splash chartEach year billions of dollars are spent on creating unparalleled event experiences that bring companies closer to potential customers. SplashConnect makes things easier for companies by allowing them to access a huge amount of data that informs them how a particular event could maximize their profits.
Here’s some of some of things that SplashConnect allows event marketers to do.

  1. Splash lets event marketers grab every lead they can. It automatically syncs customer and lead data gathered from events with Salesforce. Companies receive fresh contacts and old contacts get updated.
  2. It allows companies to collaborate with sales teams listed as guests.
  3. Through SplashConnect, event teams can now tie back opportunities to the exact event from which it originated.

Splash influencer chartSalesforce AppExchange and Splash

Salesforce is a leading Customer Relation management (CRM) company that helps connect sales teams with customers. Its AppExchange is the best enterprise app marketplace in the world that helps companies drive sales and connect with customers with more than 4 million customer installs to date.

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