MindTickle Pioneers Sales Capability Index to Quantify and Benchmark Sales Readiness

MindTickle Pioneers Sales Capability Index to Quantify and Benchmark Sales Readiness

The Index Provides a Holistic, Quantified Assessment Of Sales Rep And Team Readiness While Also Producing A Leading Indicator Of Their Expected Performance

MindTickle, the company with the most comprehensive enablement platform and trusted by global sales leaders to ensure always-ready sales teams, launched the Sales Capability Index (SCI), a capabilities score that, for the first time in the industry, provides a holistic, quantified assessment of sales rep and team readiness while also producing a leading indicator of their expected performance.

Corporations currently use MindTickle’s data-driven sales readiness solution to train, coach and align their sales teams and achieve reductions in ramp time, improvements in competitive win rates, increased average deal sizes and higher rates of training adoption.

Sales leaders will now be able to have a higher level of conviction as to how prepared their sales teams truly are, overall or across specific initiatives and proactively address capability gaps. The Index, and corresponding sales results, can be benchmarked across periods to the point of knowing how movements in the Index are likely to impact sales results and drive more predictable revenue.

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Krishna Gopal Depura
Krishna Gopal Depura

“With the introduction of SCI, we are proud to have significantly advanced our objective of helping customers deliver highly measurable enablement for their sales teams and we will continue to advance the way sales leaders define and assess the readiness of their teams. We’ve collaborated with a select group of MindTickle customers to fine tune and field test this groundbreaking capability. We’re delighted with the results and excited to launch it to our broader customer base,” says Krishna Depura, co-founder and CEO, MindTickle.

MindTickle offers the industry’s most comprehensive readiness solution for closing the knowledge and skill gaps found in customer-facing teams. Sales teams across a wide range of industries use MindTickle’s award-winning platform to train, coach, and align their sales teams to make reps and their managers more effective. Combining on-demand online training, bite-sized mobile updates, gamification, coaching and role-play with a data-driven approach, MindTickle accelerates time-to-productivity, ensures consistent execution, and helps boost sales performance. Companies leveraging MindTickle for sales enablement to assess and certify the readiness of each rep see bigger deal sizes, higher win rates and reduced sales cycles.

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