Qstream Unveils Next-Gen Video Coaching Approach to Improve Sales Performance

Qstream Unveils Next-Gen Video Coaching Approach to Improve Sales Performance

ATD 2017

Today at ATD 2017, Qstream has introduced video coaching as the latest addition to the Qstream Coaching Hub™. Reflecting Qstream’s data-driven approach, video coaching aligns manager video observations with knowledge and skills insights, competency ratings, and CRM-sourced performance and productivity data to provide a 360-degree view of a team’s capabilities. This complete framework enables more consistent and meaningful coaching experiences in minutes a day.

Qstream’s Video Coaching is a Treasure Map for the Sales Reps

Video questions are delivered to reps within the context of a Qstream challenge. They simply record and submit their time-bound response (up to three minutes in length) for manager review. The limited video length, coupled with Qstream’s intelligent batching and spaced viewing of videos, serve to avoid overwhelming managers with a constant barrage of lengthy videos to review, a common pitfall of video coaching solutions. Managers then rate reps’ responses for knowledge proficiency and confidence and provide individualized feedback. That assessment is then correlated with the knowledge, skills, competency, and performance data available within the Qstream Coaching Hub for the richest possible picture of the team’s capabilities.

Data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of coaching and lays the groundwork for a sustainable coaching culture.

“Video observations can be a valuable tool for managers, but when used independently of a larger coaching framework, including the data insights to support it, they can’t successfully address the biggest barriers to coaching, including who, what, and how to coach, not to mention a very real lack of time,” said Duncan Lennox, Qstream CEO and co-founder.

Qstream Sales Coaching Metrics
Qstream Sales Coaching Metrics

Duncan adds, “Qstream is addressing these challenges with the complete coaching solution available, one that leverages our analytics engine to combine knowledge and skills data with observational and performance data, all in one platform. Our data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of coaching and lays the groundwork for a sustainable coaching culture.”

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Video Coaching will Improve Customer-Facing Behaviors

Qstream is the maker of sales acceleration software that uses science, data, and mobile technology to ignite high-performing sales teams. Qstream’s Coaching Hub addresses the paradox in sales coaching, underscored in survey data from the Sales Management Association: while managers rate coaching as the number one most important activity based on its impact to sales effectiveness – ranking it higher than lead gen, compensation, and sales process.

77% of firms say they don’t provide enough coaching to their salespeople. This disconnect is largely the result of sales managers having more responsibility, and less time, than ever before. As a result, many firms are turning to video solutions to evaluate and improve customer-facing behaviors, and increase coaching frequency.

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Teams will Gain Validated Sales Enablement Strategies

Currently, Qstream’s sales capabilities platform is used by leading brands from diverse industries. It is used to manage the effectiveness of their sales teams and front-line managers at scale. Qstream’s scientific approach has been validated in more than 20 randomized control trials to boost performance and change behaviors in just minutes a day using any mobile device.

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“Sales organizations are increasingly turning to video coaching as an engaging and scalable way for reps to practice interactions and managers to coach,” said Heather Cole, service director of sales enablement strategies at SiriusDecisions. “Asynchronous video coaching is most effective when it is aligned to role-based sales competencies, provides an infrastructure to guide prescriptive coaching interactions and delivers metrics-driven insights to sales leadership.”

Qstream offers novel sales technologies to pace up the speed of sales onboarding, message alignment, reinforcements, and coaching. These activities are ranked important based on their impact on revenue based on delivering a complete view of the sales process. By relying on video coaching within the sales enablement stack, salespersons who use Qstream will have better customer-facing insights than ever before.

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