Seismic Integrates With Marketo to Deliver Unparalleled Lead Scoring Capabilities With Hyper-Personalized Sales Content

Seismic Integrates With Marketo® to Deliver Unparalleled Lead Scoring Capabilities With Hyper-Personalized Sales Content

Seismic + Marketo

Latest integration introduces potent new opportunities for marketing and sales teams to improve win rates within LaunchPoint ecosystem

Seismic, the leading enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, today announced it will join Marketo’s LaunchPoint® ecosystem. The LaunchPoint® ecosystem is the industry’s largest and most robust community of best-of-breed partner technologies. Marketers now have access to the most powerful technology integration available to help fulfill their promise to drive revenue.

The partnership will enable joint customers to be at the forefront of leveraging technology for more personalized and authentic customer engagement in the Engagement Economy

“The Seismic integration with Marketo opens a world of opportunities for marketing teams to make a real, quantifiable impact on business outcomes,” said Shai Alfrandary, Vice President, Business Development and LaunchPoint, Marketo.

Objective of Seismic’s Integration with Marketo

By integrating with Marketo, Seismic will vastly improve lead scoring and advanced campaigns for marketers. Additionally, the integration will simultaneously bolster the automatic creation of hyper-personalized sales content. All these efforts will further prove marketing teams’ contributions to the bottom line at large enterprises.

Additionally, campaign data accumulated and analyzed in Marketo can now be automatically incorporated into Seismic’s dynamic content assembly feature, LiveDocs® technology, and into Seismic’s machine learning-powered predictive content engine. The result is the same hyper-personalized experience leads have become accustomed to at the top of the funnel through marketing automation platforms, now at every touchpoint throughout the buyer’s journey, from first interaction to close. Demand Metric found that 80 percent of B2B enterprises say sales objectives are better met through such personalized experiences.

Benefits to the Joint Customers

Single, Superior Source of Marketing and Sales Content

Seismic’s workflow and versioning capabilities can now be applied to all marketing content through Marketo, and via LiveDocs® technology, materials automatically stay up to date with the latest logos, product information, and other brand assets.

Real-Time Sales Content Consumption Analytics

Through the new integration, Seismic’s sales content usage and engagement analytics, which reveal in real-time when and for how long prospects interact with sales content, and whether they share it with others, can now be incorporated into Marketo’s lead scoring functionality.

Advanced Campaign Segmentation and Better Reporting

Seismic’s LiveSend analytics track when prospects have engaged with a piece of content and for how long—down to the individual pages. Incorporating Seismic into areas such as Marketo email templates and landing pages opens up new data-backed insights for advanced campaign segmentations based on content engagement. And, with these new analytics capabilities, marketers now have a 360-degree look into how buyers interact with all content created by marketing teams, from the first touch to close.

Deeper Insights into Marketing Campaigns

The result is higher quality leads being passed from marketing to sales, along with the complete look into what marketing campaigns are most effective when it comes to actually closing deals. Research firm SiriusDecisions has noted that such alignment between marketing and sales achieves 19 percent faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

Powerful Email Deliverability for Sales

Sales users can send Seismic content equipped with LiveSend analytics through Marketo to either hand selected recipients or pre-defined targets, leveraging Marketo’s unsurpassed email deliverability.

“The next generation of great marketers is proving to be the ones who best align with sales teams to help close deals,” said Doug Winter, Seismic Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. “To be able to do so at a world-class level today requires tight integrations of best-in-class technologies, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with an industry leader in Marketo.”

“Whether it’s inviting leads who watch more than 30 seconds of a product intro video to a webinar or connecting the performance of first-touch email campaigns to closed deals, we are already seeing innovative uses of the integration,” said Winter. “As more customers adopt the integration, we are incredibly excited to see other groundbreaking instances of how these combined technologies will help marketing and sales teams work together.”

Optimized Persona-Building with the Power of Automation

Seismic’s leading sales enablement solution allows marketing teams to personalize content at scale and equips large sales teams with the right content for every interaction, dramatically improving time spent selling and win rates. Seismic within Marketo provides a superior sales enablement platform powered by machine learning algorithms and the award-winning LiveDocs® technology. This enables automated creation of personalized sales materials using real-time analytics for further aligning marketing and sales efforts.

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