Seismic Launches Application with Engagement Analytics for Advanced Revenue Initiatives

Seismic, an Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner, Launches Application to Expand Marketing Teams' Impact on the Bottom Line

Seismic + Oracle-Marketing-Cloud

Seismic helps marketers align with sales and fulfill promise to accelerate deal cycles through integration to Oracle Marketing Cloud

After forging a strategic partnership with Marketo last week, Seismic, the leading sales enablement solution for marketing teams, has announced new application within the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for enhanced revenue generation efforts. A Silver-level partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), the latest integration with the Oracle Marketing AppCloud will help marketers broaden their existing app inventories and data services with an optimized ROI from their martech investments.

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Seismic Brings Simplified Marketing Content to Retain Ideal Customers

Seismic’s new application is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, as a partner of the Oracle Marketing AppCloud — the industry’s most comprehensive marketing technology ecosystems. Oracle Marketing Cloud provides CMOs and their teams with data-driven solutions to simplify marketing resources and deliver more personalized customer-centric experiences across every channel to attract and retain ideal customers. These modern marketing solutions connect cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and activation, for enterprise B2B and B2C marketers on a single system of record.

Oracle Customers Generate Valuable Sales Leads with Engagement Analytics

Seismic, when integrated with Oracle Eloqua, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, helps marketers generate more valuable leads for sales teams. By leveraging Seismic’s content usage and engagement analytics, marketing teams can incorporate real-time data such as how long prospects spend engaging with a piece of content and whether they share it with others into lead scoring. Not only can these insights increase the effectiveness of initial interactions by sales reps, the integration of the two technologies allows marketers to see which campaigns are truly effective in boosting win rates.

Doug Winter, Seismic Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, says –

“By combining Seismic with leading marketing automation platforms such as Oracle Eloqua, leads experience the same exceptional, personalized experience from the first touch to close.”

Experience Predictive Content Experience with Automated Enablement

The integration will also help further increase the ROI of Seismic’s award-winning LiveDocs® technology. The dynamic content assembly feature, which automates the creation of personalized sales materials, can now include data captured in Oracle Eloqua for even more personalized interactions with sales reps. Such data will also inform Seismic’s predictive content feature, powered by machine learning to automatically serve up the right content to sales reps for any interaction at any time.

Winter adds, “Put simply: Seismic’s integration with Oracle Eloqua means that marketing teams truly focused on their company’s bottom line now have the most powerful set of tools available to set their sales teams up for success.”

Seismic enables Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to take advantage of Seismic’s unparalleled content capabilities into all marketing content. For example, incorporating Seismic’s LiveSend analytics into top-of-funnel initiatives such as email campaigns will uncover previously unseen insights into the customer journey.

The Seismic application for Oracle Eloqua also allows sales users to send Seismic content through the Oracle Eloqua platform for first-rate email deliverability.

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