Bombora and EverString Join Forces to Bring Actionable Assets for AI-Assisted Sales and Marketing


Everstring’s Audience Platform And Bombora’s Powerful  Aggregator Would Enable B2b Marketers To Leverage Intent Data For Account Targeting, Giving Them A Complete View Of Their Ideal Customer

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Predictive sales and marketing platforms rely heavily on audience and intent data. Conforming to the MarTech trends, EverString, a leading provider of AI-based SaaS for B2B, has joined forces with Bombora, the largest aggregator of B2B intent data. A powerful partnership for B2B sales and marketing, EverString and Bombora intend to deliver accurate information to B2B marketers based on the level of interest in the topics that were selected based on target list of companies and their location.

“Over the past few months, in some ways due to the partnership, it’s becoming clearer how predictive SaaS solutions and intent data are like pieces that fit together.” — Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora

EverString Audience Platform and Bombora’s powerful would enable B2B marketers to leverage intent data for account targeting, giving them a complete view of their ideal customer, and what they are interested in real-time. For Bombora, joining hands with EverString ensures that B2B marketers can connect companies with potential buyers and flow that knowledge across multiple sales and marketing activities, including account targeting, outbound sales, event planning and lead generation.

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According to a blog, the EverString-Bombora partnership is designed to deliver put customer profiles and tracking surge within a single-view window. Bringing these two technologies together not only served a market-driven purpose for the two companies, but it also gives a much more holistic experience to customers.

Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora, said, “Having seen how our customers – and then ourselves as marketers – use Everstring and Bombora to understand potential customers in complementary ways, we realized that a partnership was ultimately the best way to ensure customer success.”



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With the combination of Bombora and EverString, B2B marketers would be able to perform—

Account-based targeting

Customers are able to translate the intent data into identification, letting salespeople call into accounts that are surging.

Field marketing

Teams no longer have to fly blind in regions they are unfamiliar with. Intent data gives signals so that teams can target accounts based on location analytics.

Pipeline Prioritization

By looking at intent signals, teams can see whether or not a potential prospect is interested in their product or service, and at the right time. This allows salespeople and marketers keep their funnel as organized as possible.

Account Management

If a manager is looking to upsell or cross-sell, they can monitor surge data to see if customers are researching their competitors.

Content Creation

Whether it is the content on your site, social posts or email campaigns, intent signals found in EverString’s platform can let you hone in on messaging and filter to high-fit customers.

However, the most impressive aspect of this partnership is undoubtedly the value for Bombora and EverString’s common customers, and the increasing clarity of signals from the marketplace.

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With the advancement in predictive analytics and growing impetus on intent data, B2B companies are increasingly seeking inputs on intent from AI sales and marketing platforms. AI and intent simplify sales and marketing by refining the business relationship, allowing marketers to work flexibly, whether they are using intent inside the platform or exporting it into existing marketing automation platforms. A clear vision across campaigns enables sales teams can close deals faster while marketers can seek new opportunities through every stage of the funnel.

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