CSO Insights’ releases its 2016 biannual Channel Sales Optimization study

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Littleworth, Colorado based CSO Insights’ releases its 2016 biannual Channel Sales Optimization study.


The data used for this analysis was gathered as part of CSO Insights’ biannual Channel Sales Optimization study. As part of this research effort, we used the first 110 respondents surveyed from companies worldwide, collecting information on 58 channel management effectiveness-related metrics. The survey remains open to collect additional data for benchmarks based on geography, vertical industry, company size, etc.

Study demographics:  39% of the study participants worked with United States-based companies and 61% were with international firms. Nearly all the study participants worked for companies that focus on B2B sales.

Company size:  35% of the respondents work for firms with revenues greater than $1B, 24% for companies with $50M – $1B in revenues, and 41% for firms with less than $50M in revenues.

A concerted effort at collaboration between organisations and their sales channel partners provides a significant advantage over companies that merely provide channel sellers with conventional targets.

It states that companies which assist their channel sellers with lead generation and consistent coaching could expect revenue goal achievement to be over 90%.

“Channel sellers want to be viewed as part of the team, and when they are their performance improves and the impact they have on the organization greatly increases,” said Barry Trailer, chief research officer at CSO Insights. “Our goal is to help sales teams reach, and exceed, their revenue goals by optimizing how they partner with channel sellers. Sales organizations can use this report to identify and prioritize the channel management techniques proven to drive significant results.”

Other key findings in the report:

36 percent of respondents reported their top-tier partners are generating more than 70 percent of all channel revenues.
The ability to assess partners’ pipelines is greatly enhanced with the use of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) applications.
Higher levels of sales process implementation correspond with higher levels of sales achievement.

The 2016 Channel Sales Optimization Study surveyed companies worldwide to collect information on more than 50 channel management effectiveness-related metrics.

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