Salesforce Leaps Ahead of the Competition with Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud – The Next-Gen AI-Powered Sales Economy

Salesforce Leaps Ahead of the Competition with Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud - The Next-Gen AI-Powered Sales Economy

Salesforce set to revolutionize Sales Ecosystem with an AI-centric Sales Cloud

Salesforce today announced the launch of the most advanced sales cloud to-date. Branded as the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud, the latest product combines Einstein’s artificial intelligence, the Trailhead online learning platform and Sales Cloud, the leading sales productivity app. It will help sales reps achieve and scale their efforts on digital channels, empowering sales Trailblazers succeed in B2B space leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Einstein AI

Salesforce’s latest baby—the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud is projected as the future of sales job as it brings together industry’s leading sales productivity app and the latest advancements in AI to empower sales reps to succeed in the digital era. Powered by Salesforce Trailhead, the online interactive learning platform that empowers everyone to skill-up for the Salesforce Economy, the company is redefining the sales jobs of the future with the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud.

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Democratization of AI with Einstein

Salesforce is democratizing AI with Einstein. Moreover, it will also revolutionize education with Trailhead, empowering ambitious sales ‘newbies’ to build and advance their careers. Together, these advancements in technology and learning are enabling anyone to achieve new levels of productivity and succeed in any sales role—whether they are a new inside sales rep or the seasoned leader of a large sales team.

Salesforce Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud and Trailhead: A Formidable Pair for Sales Success

AI has proliferated into every aspect of business today. By announcing the latest AI-based Sales Cloud solution, Salesforce packs in a powerful platform for sales reps to refine their insight and knowledge.

Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM, Sales and Service Clouds, Salesforce, acknowledges this too.

“The combination of digital and AI technologies are revolutionizing the way every sales person works. With Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud and Trailhead, anyone can have the tools and education required to succeed in the future.”

Digital Sales Platforms Set for an Accelerated Growth  

In the new millennium, sales technologies have reshaped the face of sales, achieving 6X more attention from sales reps than traditional channels. Sales engagement via email, SMS, video conferencing and VoIP result in higher sales productivity and boost customer retention. Sales technologies for digital channels also help salespeople to connect with new customers at a faster rate. By bringing AI within CRM and Sales cloud, Salesforce is set out to make efforts more targeted and productive than ever before.

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Pumped up Sales Efforts with Incredible Access to Intelligence

Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud by Salesforce is laced with intelligent features –

Einstein Lead Scoring 

Find and prioritize the leads most likely to convert using AI/ML. The best leads automatically surface to the digital sales rep, in addition to critical data, including prospect location, past purchase history, and the prospect’s job title—accelerating the sales cycle.

Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud - Lead Scoring
Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud – Lead Scoring

Einstein Activity Capture 

Connect existing CRM windows to Salesforce to automatically capture any interactions with customers, freeing themselves from hours of manual data entry every week. Additionally, the user can create custom email response templates and a calendar manager for single-click responses and scheduling. Overall, this is a quick and less tedious task than the usual prospect-building activities.

Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud - Activity Capture
Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud – Activity Capture

Lightning Sales Console 

Accelerate productivity with a single, highly personalized workspace to deeply customize to specific sales needs. Smartly navigate between sales windows through the selling processes to quickly find and connect with the best leads and track the progress of any deal.

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“Today, successful sales strategies are driven by a company’s ability to embrace and successfully utilize digital technologies,” said Gerry Murray, Marketing and Sales Technology Research Director, IDC. “By combining AI with Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud, sales teams will have the insights needed to move faster and be more productive.”

Lightning Dialer 

Connect sales reps with prospects faster with a single-click power dialer using click-to-call features. It provides all of the valuable data and productivity tools to move on to the next lead fast.

Now, sales reps can close more deal than before, without entering a single data. Get work done at a “Lightening pace” routing the best reps to handle every quality lead. Salesforce, by all its might, just demonstrated the authority they have in cloud for sales and marketing, even as Adobe and Microsoft joined forces to take on the #1 CRM company in the world.

Cloud market just got hotter!

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