Amplero Influencer Optimization: World’s First Social Intelligence Tool Based on Machine Learning Capabilities

Amplero, the leading marketing intelligence startup, has announced the launch of a cutting-edge Influencer Optimization capability. The new capability was released as part of Amplero Intelligence Platform (AmpIP) to help marketers overcome the challenges of traditional rules-based marketing automation. The new tool is developed to boost Amplero’s existing suite of social intelligence and marketing intelligence capabilities, enabling marketers to accurately pinpoint influential customers across multiple channels and devices. Amplero Influencer Optimization tool can also effectively measure the ripple effect of influencers on marketing campaigns.

Amplero Influencer Optimization: The Research Team and Their Objectives

Amplero’s Influencer Optimization capability is the result of a strategic partnership between Amplero Principal Research Software Engineering division and researchers from Columbia University’s Business School and HEC Paris. The collaboration managed to quantify the ripple effect of personalized 1:1 marketing campaigns on non-targeted customers using campaign strategies meant for targeted customers.

The researchers performed a random field study using Amplero Digital Intelligence Platform. The study comprised of delivering contextual messages to 6000 mobile customers and analyzing their behavior. The study revealed social connections of targeted customers were less likely to churn ROI from campaigns that are neither targeted nor personalized with any direct incentives.

“This research has considerable implications for the way marketers think about their customer relationships. While most marketers are focused only on the behavior of specifically-targeted customers in a given campaign, machine learning-powered social relationship-aware technology enables continuously-optimized interactions with the customer that take into account how they themselves interact with one another.” —  Olly Downs, Amplero CEO

via Amplero Research
via Amplero Research

Amplero Set to Pioneer More Social and Marketing Intelligence Products

Amplero’s Influencer Optimization leverages machine learning and customer optimization in cross-channel marketing automation, seamlessly integrating into existing enterprise martech stacks. The latest influencer optimization capability promises to deliver magnified ROI, amplifying first-degree connections of targeted users. It is capable of identifying A-list celebrities as well as niche influencers exclusive to particular channels – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and much more.

The purpose of adding the latest Influencer Optimization capability is to refine the existing marketing intelligence solutions. Amplero offers cutting-edge influencer management platform to drive first-degree and second-degree connections within CRM or prospect database.

Amplero, currently headquartered in Seattle, scooped $8 million in July 2016, aiming to expand its operations globally. In August 2016, Amplero appointed Mike Zell as SVP of Customer Success to grown company’s enterprise customer base. The predictive customer LTV management platform is one of the pioneering companies that specifically focus on leveraging machine learning capabilities to drive customer engagement and enhance marketer’s visibility.

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