BabbleBoxx’s Latest Innovation Is Collaborative Storytelling in Influence Marketing


BabbleBoxx announces an enhancement to its’ unique influencer marketing platform that allows brands like Fischer-Price, Fuji Film and L’Oreal to participate in a collaborative social media story while pooling marketing dollars together for greater media effectiveness and efficiency.

Sherri Langburt
Sherri Langburt

Founder & CEO Sherri Langburt said, “Our team created a competition-free, theme-based sampling program that places products in the hands of social media influencers who are guaranteed to post, pin, snap, tweet and share your message across Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now we’re adding TV to this winning formula, to leverage the power of video in our storytelling that includes multiple brands in the same story.”

The success of the BabbleBoxx “Collaborative Storytelling” influencer marketing strategy lies in the genuine, authentic content it provides to the participating brands. With a robust editorial calendar that capitalizes on seasonal trends and topic-worthy discussions, such as Back to School, Holiday Gifting, Food & Wine, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Wellness, Travel and much more, BabbleBoxx further offers customizable boxes that can be tailored to brands looking to make a lasting impression.

Nad’s Brand Manager Andrea Baray said, “We’ve made sure to include a Babbleboxx program in all of our campaigns as we’ve seen a great success in impressions, word-of-mouth exposure, brand recognition and interest, and ultimately it has had a positive impact on our overall brand sales. In fact, recent tests of the platform this summer lead to more than double the engagement of traditional social media campaigns previously conducted, plus 55% reduction in effective media costs.”

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