Collective Bias Launches Measurement Solutions To Determine Influencer Marketing ROI

Collective Bias

Leader in Influencer Marketing Sets New Standards for Measurement

Collective Bias, Inc.,  the leader in shopper-focused influencer marketing, announced a first of its kind suite of measurement solutions that sets the standard for assessing influencer programs. Looking beyond simple sales or social engagement calculations, the Collective Bias solutions go deeper to offer a full funnel of measurement capabilities. Marketers, for the first time, can now report accurate metrics on a variety of categories, including the impact of promotions, in-store traffic, and incremental sales lift, when evaluating strategies and determining success.
Bill Sussman

“Our clients have seen the value of using influencer marketing for everything from content creation to engaging, building, and finding new audiences, but we continue to receive requests for a benchmark of the actual ROI of advertising spend,” said Bill Sussman, President, Collective Bias. “By offering a suite of proven solutions in a time where brands are questioning media spends, viewability, and requiring third party measurement and validation, all while pulling media dollars off the table, we are solving the ROI concerns and closing the loop between engagement and point of sale data.  We want our customers to feel confident that ad spends are being applied in an optimal fashion in a safe environment for brands.”

The solutions offered by Collective Bias are the first to tie the return on ad spend to influencer marketing across different methodologies, different categories, and different retailers. The offerings include:

  • Loyalty Card Study: pairs Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) loyalty data with Collective Bias’ first-party audience data to determine lift
  • Retail Sales Lift: combines client-supplied POS data of test and control groups to uncover lift
  • Mobile Proximity: measures impact on in-store traffic through mobile geo-fencing

Each solution was previously validated by researching more than 12 influencer campaigns conducted over an 8 to 12-week period for national brands spanning five CPG categories: durables, consumer electronics, food & beverage, consumables, and beauty. Notable results included an office product brand’s 6.6x return on ad spend and more than $400,000 incremental sales lift during a promotional period, and a mobile phone brand’s 1.88x return on ad spend and 16% incremental sales lift during a promotional period.

“Brands across all industries are facing a shake-up in the ways they have traditionally implemented marketing strategies,” said Sussman. “Many of our clients, especially those CPG brands, are changing the way they interact with consumers, but have yet to prove the true success of these campaigns. With these measurement capabilities, eligible clients can go deeper on highlighting tangible results and we are looking forward to seeing the increased results.”

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