What To Expect From Your Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer Marketing

The key to any successful influencer marketing campaign is a great influencer marketing technology. When considering working with an influencer marketing platform be on the lookout for these 3 pillars of Influencer Marketing: (1) Community, (2) Campaign Execution, and (3) Data & Analytics.

Influencer Community

First and foremost, a successful influencer marketing technology should start by taking advantage of the vast influencer community. A diverse network of influencers means a higher probability that you will find that perfect, on-brand influencer with whom to collaborate. Also consider whether the technology is flexible enough to support multi-media campaigns across verticals — meaning, can you work with influencers that can create content about Food, Home, Parenting and Beauty? Even if you are a Fashion brand, you may want to tap into some Travel influencers!

Similarly, it should feature omni-channel influencer profile integrations to allow clients to keep up with influencers and their content across all social channels — are you able to commission content that will live across blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube? Do the influencers have relevant following and content expertise across multiple platforms? Having this kind of flexibility allows you to focus on what works best for your brand, with no limitations on who you work with or where the content will live.

Campaign Execution

When it comes to kicking off a program, consider what the work flow looks like — are you reaching out to dozens of influencers, only to find that some do not want to work with your brand? Do others demand a certain fee that is above your budget? After executing thousands of campaigns over the years, we have designed the Activate by Bloglovin’ platform to feature an inverted Request For Proposal process where pre-vetted influencers apply to brand campaigns.

Joining that process, we have also built comprehensive tools for influencer messaging, draft approvals, payment integration, and compliance integration that provides FTC guideline checks on content. Access to these capabilities allows for a single, streamlined process where communications, approval of sponsored content, and influencer payment can be managed efficiently in one place.

Data + Analytics

After a campaign is underway, proper data and analytics integrations are crucial to documenting success and monitoring success for future campaigns. Data and analytics starts at the Influencer Discovery stage, so we make sure that our robust influencer profiles go beyond the basics to show deep audience data & engagement rates, retailer affinities, as well as display content aesthetic. We then also offer real-time campaign tracking for nimble optimization — this means that if a particular influencer, channel or piece of content is performing well for you, you will know it in real-time, so you can devote more budget towards what is working!

Many thanks to Kate Citron, Kamiu Lee, and Samone Wheeler for their contributions to this article.

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