Fohr Card Introduces Influencer Follower Health Scores to Identify Fake Followers and Prevent Fraud

Fohr Card Introduces Influencer Follower Health Scores to Identify Fake Followers and Prevent Fraud

A pioneer in influencer marketing, Fohr Card will also be the first company to charge brands only for campaign impressions with verified, human followers using this new capability

Fohr Card, an influencer marketing company, has joined the league of technology enablers that are fighting against the menace of fake followers and bot audiences. The customers, mostly B2C luxury brands, will now gain 100% transparency into the number of fake followers that their influencers have. This will enable campaign marketers and marketing analytics team to understand the performance of influencer programs across the web and social media platforms.

Marketers Could Save $80 Million from Going Waste by Detecting Bots Followers

By introducing a new influencer follower health score, Fohr Card intends to ease the revenue model of social media and influencer marketing campaigns. Marketers can now only charge campaigns based on verified, human followers, removing dubious influencers with fake followers off the charts.

“Shedding light on fake followers could curb fraudulent activity, help trigger preventative measures and keep influencer marketing a valued channel for brands.”

After analyzing 20 million Instagram accounts, Fohr Card found that approximately 7.8% of these accounts were bots. Since spend on influencer marketing campaigns is projected to hit $1 billion this year, this finding suggests that nearly $80 million dollars could be wasted on influencer marketing this year.

graphic of the health score  via Fohr Card

“These new metrics will undoubtedly provide more peace of mind to brands who want to be 100% sure about what they are paying for when they work with an influencer on a campaign,” said James Nord, Fohr Card CEO.

Billion-Dollar Bot-Frauds Impact Digital Investments into Social Media

To make sure digital marketers know whether influencers’ followers are real humans and not bots, Fohr Card resolved to provide marketers and influencers much-needed transparency by developing an Influencer Follower Health score. The digital advertising industry has been plagued by billion-dollar bot fraud — as a result, brand marketers have grown increasingly unsure about whether their digital investments are reaching real people.

Fighting Bot-Fraud Critical to Effective Brand Communication and Sales Conversions

The initiative to launch an Influencer follower’s health score is very critical for marketers who invest heavily in branding and advocacy campaigns. High-quality influencers with human followers make sales process effective and help increase conversion rates, without directing valuable content to bots and duplicate followers. As Sydney Fazende, Digital Director at LaFORCE, puts it – “Fohr Card had the foresight to identify this need (influencer rating), as well as the technological know-how to address the issue head on and make the ecosystem better for everyone. I’m looking forward to using these Influencer Follower Health scores as a metric to help plan our upcoming campaigns.”

Find Influencers with Real Human Followers based on Fohr Card’s Analytics

According to eMarketer, influencer marketing is expected to significantly ramp up this year, so how confident should brands feel about working with influencers and relying on their public “real” followers on Instagram? No one in the industry has ever explored or offered a solution to this potential vulnerability for fraud as dollars increasingly flow into influencer marketing.

But, brands can now rest easy about fake followers now that Fohr Card introduced a way to identify fraudulent followers and assign a Follower Health score to each influencer.  To build the Influencer Follower Health scores, Fohr Card assesses a number of factors such as followers/following ratio, username, bio, and the number of posts.

The scores range from -8 (the worst) to 8 (100% real and engaged); based on these scores, accounts are categorized into three categories: Active, Lurkers and Bots. Fohr Card then provides an overarching score (0 to 100%) that reflects the overall quality of the influencer’s Instagram account.

Expect Increased Consumption of Shareable Influencer Content with New Health Rating

As the leading authority on influencer marketing, Fohr Card could play an impactful role in connecting and building long-term relationships between discerning brands and tastemakers. Tastefully designed and emotionally inspired, Fohr Card’s influencer marketing campaigns call upon unmatched years of insights from collaborating directly with brands and influencers.

Brands seeking to elevate their influencer marketing campaigns not only tap into Fohr Card’s curated community of influencers, but also leverage the company’s squad of photographers, creatives, and campaign experts. As a result, consumers are motivated to act and brands enjoy a wealth of shareable content with unparalleled production value.

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