Influencer Site #HASHOFF Partners with Kinetic Social

Influencer Site #HASHOFF Partners with Kinetic Social

Kinetic Social will access #HASHOFF’s micro-influencer marketing platform to help brands reach out to the right target audiences

#HASHOFF, an influencer marketing platform, has partnered with Kinetic Social, a full-service provider of social advertising solutions, to provide better social media reach and engagement to Kinetic’s clients.

As part of the deal, Kinetic Social will have direct access to #HASHOFF’s opt-in network of more than 150,000 influencers across all social media platforms to expand its social marketing capabilities.

#HASHOFF President Upbeat about the partnership

Joel Wright, President, and Co-Founder of #HASHOFF

Joel Wright, President, and Co-Founder of #HASHOFF said “Partnering with an industry leader like Kinetic in a complex landscape was a natural fit, bringing together two companies committed to pushing the envelope of what’s possible on social. #HASHOFF’s managed service solution is a leader in the industry, and we’re excited to see how this partnership can help bring even greater value to our brand partners and influencers alike.”

Wright said that the company’s objective is to bring a brand’s vision to life through the creative voices of influencers, delivering authentic brand engagement and measurement, and providing real ROI.

The deal will help Identify right audiences for Kinetic’s clients

#HASHOFF will provide the required technology and expertise to enable Kinetic Social to identify and activate the audiences that matter most to their clients.

“Our mission is to provide brands the most innovative and cutting edge solutions to engage the target audiences that matter most to them, and influencer marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle,” said Jeff Thompson, SVP -Platform Partnerships, Kinetic Social. “Influencers are providing a new and exciting way to combine the authenticity of a brand ambassador with the targeted focus of a digital campaign. Our partnership with #HASHOFF is another step toward ensuring our clients can engage us to design and execute all of their social marketing campaigns.”

Influencer marketing Turns Key channel for Brand Spend

With 84% of marketers planning to increase their spending on influencer marketing, the segment has become the key channel for brands across social media. #HASHOFF’s proprietary algorithms combine keywords, geography, and interest and past campaign performance to identify and activate the best micro-influencers for each brand in real-time.

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