Jerrick’s Vocal Platform Adds Two New Social Publishing Communities, Serve.Media and Viva.Media

Jerrick Media Holdings, a technology company, announced that it has added two new social publishing communities, “Serve” and “Viva” to its Vocal publishing platform. Serve, explores the lives, culture, and careers of those in and around the military, while Viva, explores the lives of women, from the workplace to home, family, adventure, ambition, and more.

Vocal, is Jerrick’s long-form social publishing platform, engineered for the speedy and effortless creation of rich media content and the intuitive discovery and navigation by visitors. Vocal’s proprietary, algorithmic engine capitalizes on the power of specific and dedicated audiences and is designed to promote maximum SEO exposure and monetization opportunities.

The Vocal platform currently hosts 21 niche-communities including food, music, science fiction, the workplace and pop culture. Connecting original content with communities passionate about the topics, Jerrick’s growth since Vocal’s introduction in November 2016 has exceeded all expectations. New communities are objectively and quantitatively derived in response to voices (interest levels) within the rapidly growing Vocal sub-communities.

Justin Maury - Image
Justin Maury

“With nearly half of the Vocal community comprised of women, we launched Viva, a female specific community, to cultivate conversations about what matters most to women. Today, we also launched Serve, a community dedicated to dialogue around the military. Given today’s developing political climate, we wanted to provide our users with a forum through which to discuss, inform and learn about the armed forces. We plan to launch more engaging communities that inspire conversations, ideas and opportunities to our growing Vocal network,” commented Justin Maury, Head of Product, Creative and Design at Jerrick.

Based on the success of the communities launched to date, Jerrick plans to substantially accelerate the rollout of new community sites on its Vocal platform throughout the remainder of 2017.

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