Jerrick’s Vocal Platform Unveils 6 New Social Publishing Verticals

Jerrick Media Holdings

Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc, a social media and digital technology company, announced that it has added 6 new social publishing communities to Vocal, a premier long-form social publishing network. The Vocal platform now supports a total of 18 community websites. Jerrick plans to further add over 50 niche community sites by the end of 2017 as it launches its SaaS offering later this year.

Vocal is a social publishing hub engineered for creation and discovery, spanning verticals in food, music, science fiction, the workplace, pop culture and more. Connecting original content with communities passionate about the topics, Vocal’s proprietary, algorithmic engine capitalizes on the power of specific and dedicated audiences, promoting maximum SEO exposure and monetization capabilities. Math determines which verticals are added to the Vocal publishing platform. New communities are objectively and quantitatively derived in response to voices (interest levels) within the rapidly growing Vocal community and the growing trends of the content community at large.

Jerrick’s 6 new sites include:

Families:  Family relationships in all their complicated glory.

Gamers:    For people who love gaming.

01:        Your source for all things tech.

Petlife:   For people who love pets.

Poets:     The beauty and power of poetry.

Wheel:     For anyone that drives a car.

Following three years of developing the proprietary, patent-pending Vocal platform and developing a profitable, arbitrage-based business model that creates a win-win for Jerrick, its partners and creative writers publishing on its platform, Vocal was released for the first time on November 30, 2016. The Dashboard statistics below illustrate the accelerating growth of creative content writers (bloggers) and audience (unique visitors):

creative content writers (bloggers) and audience (unique visitors)

“In the brief period since Vocal’s introduction, our business model is building a growing base of enthusiastic content creators within each community, which, in turn, has attracted a fast expanding community of visitors. The growth rate we have experienced was accomplished without a material marketing effort, which we intend to initiate during the current quarter, once Vocal version 2.0 is released in its entirety,” Jeremy Frommer, CEO and Co-founder of Jerrick commented. “With the release of a number of revenue modules that will be announced over the coming weeks, we believe we have created a highly effective medium for advertisers and brands to efficiently reach the most appropriate audience for their goods and services within our growing list of community sites. Further supporting advertising ROI, our analytics provide precise feedback on advertising spending. We are receiving a good level of early interest from advertisers and expect revenues to scale in 2017 and achieve profitable growth in 2018.”

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