Social Flash MOBILE Offering for iPad/iPhone Powers Earned Social Media Capability for Businesses


The Introduction Of Social Flash Mobile, An iPad/iPhone App That Connects To Its Cloud-Based Social Media Marketing Platform Will Allow Companies To Let Customers Tell Their Story On Social Media

The Social Flash MOBILE software can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It allows companies to capture photos of their customers having rich, enjoyable experiences and enable their customers to share those across social media in a viral manner. As customers share these experiences on their personal social networks, they serve as micro-influencers through their social endorsement.

“Social Flash Media has been providing tools for companies to help their customers tell their story for years. We have proven our abilities as a powerful force in advocate and micro-influencer based marketing with our interactive Social Flash KIOSK by turning happy customers into powerful brand ambassadors over social media. With the introduction of Social Flash MOBILE, we bring a low-cost, mobile, ubiquitous solution into play that dramatically expands the potential market. We believe that many customers will blend our unattended, fixed-location photo booth KIOSK with our in-field MOBILE solution to capture a broader spectrum of customer experiences”, said Derick Alderman, co-founder and President of Social Flash Media.

Stephen Scherer
Stephen Scherer

Stephen Scherer, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development notes, “This product offering is incredibly disruptive. With entry points at less than $100 per month, businesses are seeing digital engagement levels and click-through costs at less than 10% of what they spend in paid social media, yet the purchasing influence is so much more impactful. Companies within our Early Adopter Program have re-examined how they budget and invest in social media marketing.”

The Social Flash MOBILE offering will initially be available with three different monthly subscription plans to their cloud-based Social Media Marketing Platform – the entry-level Awareness plan, the most popular Professional plan and Enterprise plan with prices ranging from $95 to $195 per month. All plans allow unlimited photo capture, sending to mobile phones, and social sharing by customers. Photos are branded and tracked, and extensive analytic reporting is available. The platform gives businesses a streamlined management of their content and drastically increases their social media marketing efficiency.

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