Ad Copy Services Now Available to Facebook Advertisers Within the Creative Marketplace

Consumer Acquisition

Consumer Acquisition Expands Creative Marketplace to Become the Only Facebook Marketing Partner to Provide Ad Copy, Images, and Videos, a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner offering the world’s first end-to-end user acquisition platform, announced the expansion of Ad Copy services within its proprietary Creative Marketplace that delivers creative at scale to Facebook advertisers. With today’s news, Consumer Acquisition becomes the only Facebook Marketing Partner to offer a complete suite of services for advertisers to dynamically source videos, images, and ad copy in a pay-per-performance creative marketplace.

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, said: “Expanding our offering to include Ad Copy is significant for advertisers because of the constant need to test hundreds of ad creatives to drive optimal performance on campaigns. Each creative brief that advertisers submit is reviewed by our services team and they work with experienced user acquisition managers for feedback and creative input. Given that we’ve spent over $200 million in Facebook ads across many categories, and we’re constantly being challenged by new businesses, new creative concepts and models, we have experience in what it takes to develop successful creatives that we bring to advertisers.”

For Glu Mobile’s Design Home App, Consumer Acquisition increased return on advertising spend (ROAS) by 70% from month 4 to 5, while spending 7 figures per month. Dasha Chipchay, User Acquisition Manager of Glu Mobile, said, “Consumer Acquisition immediately ramped design production using their Creative Marketplace. They rapidly created and tested multiple variations of new interior design video concepts and efficiently identified winners, that transformed our business month-over-month. We enjoy working with them and love their diverse creative capabilities. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition!”

Creative Marketplace Overview:

  • Creative innovation at scale with access to a global network of designers and editors
  • Write a creative brief or collaborate with free concierge service for brief writing and designer management
  • Review creatives from worldwide network of creative talent and chose which creatives to launch.
  • Automatic identification of poor ad performance with recommended new ad launches
  • Free advanced reporting enhances the capabilities of Facebook’s Ad Manager and Power Editor with rolled-up data across creatives and drill-down ability to uncover meaningful insights
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