Facebook Partners with Meetrics to Help Advertisers and Publishers Strategize Omnichannel Campaigns More Effectively

Facebook Partners Meetrics to Help Advertisers and Publishers Strategize Omnichannel Campaigns More Effectively

As the year rolls ahead, the social media juggernaut – Facebook continues to make deeper penetrations into the European B2B ecosystem, forging strategic partnerships with new and established marketing and advertising technology providers. The social media giant recently announced about partnering Italian tech firm Mosaicoon for video content marketing. And now, it has signed a partnership deal with Meetrics, a European ad verification provider.

The latest announcement makes Meetrics the 5th ad verification solutions provider after comScore, Moat, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to join as a Facebook Partner. As part of its new initiative around introducing a marketing mix modeling (MMM) portal for comparing Facebook ads to other channels, the social media giant added DoubleVerify as a Viewability Partner.

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Meetrics, a UK-based advertising performance analytics provider, will deliver Facebook marketers an effective platform to execute their digital advertising strategies with an increased media quality and effectiveness. This allows marketers to avail third-party verification for viewability benchmarks, exclusively catering to Facebook campaigns in Europe.

After partnering with comScore, DoubleVerify, Moat and Integral Ad Science, Facebook intends to leverage Meetrics’ industry-accepted verification platform for display and social ad views. It will enable Facebook’s B2B clients to strategize omnichannel ad campaigns more effectively.

On behalf of Facebook, Marianne Bullwinkel, Country Director Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, says, “Many brand advertisers are looking for additional transparency on the view-ability of the different ad formats on Facebook to measure their campaign performance.”

She adds, “That’s why we’re very much looking forward to working with Meetrics to further expand our transparency initiative. However, we also see that rethinking common market standards, especially regarding mobile media consumption, will become even more important going forward.”

Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported how Facebook miscalculated key video metrics for two years. The overestimation of ad metrics put away many ad buyers and brand marketers from engaging with Facebook after the company disclosed the ambiguity about its “Advertiser Help Center”.

By analyzing the average time spent by viewers watching video content was grossly inflated because the metric only factored those videos that were watched for more than three seconds by the viewers. Facebook had then promised to introduce a new metric to fix the issue.

Thus, it became an imperative step to rope in independent third party verifiers for metrics since more than 4.5 million advertisers worldwide rely on Facebook to drive real business results. Cross-channel comparability and verification by independent third-party providers have gained momentum for advertisers in measuring campaign performance.

Max von Hilgers, Co-Founder and CEO at Meetrics, informs, “Against a background of increasing social media budgets for international campaigns, we are seeing more demand for viewability measurements across the European markets. Our ground-breaking partnership with Facebook provides our advertiser clients with this much-needed reassurance for international campaign planning.”

Apart from ad attention solutions, Meetrics is expected to extend its unique News Attention Monitor to publishers on Facebook, ensuring smarter and more ROI-specific efforts to engage readers real-time.

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