Pinterest to Go with Auto-Play Video Ads to Drive Revenue

Pinterest in-app video ads

Pinterest aims to make $500 million in revenue by placing auto-play video ads in more places

Pinterest has been testing auto-play promoted video ads since November and is now ready to use them at diverse places in the app. The search and discovery start-up is all set to run these promoted video ads in popular sections within the app like home feed as well as user search results.

This means the app users will be exposed to more auto-play video ads than before, which were originally restricted to the ‘explore’ section. Pinterest’s auto-play video ads unfold without interrupting viewers in the middle of their posts. Unlike others, Pinterest users can look out for these videos to try out new ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest’s video ad endeavors

It began in August and the auto-play video ads are running since November 2016. The company, which has already set a target of collecting $500 million in revenue this year, is clearly competing with other players like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. According to sources, Pinterest is positioning itself for an IPO.

Tim Kendall, President at Pinterest told TechCrunch, “The technology is getting better, it’s something we’d always imagined that we do, and when you’re building an ads business from scratch there are some things you have to build that are just standards. We’re getting to that point now where we’ve hit parity in a lot of parameters. So we’re starting to be able to segue into differentiation and build things that other people can’t. Or they could build it, but because of the nature of the products, this would make less sense.”


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