TMB Study Reveals How Social Media is Driving Returns on Digital Videos

Social media for digital videos

The report offers insights on Digital Video by Trusted Media Brands at NEWSFRONTS, 2017

A study conducted by Trusted Media Brands, Inc. explored the future of digital videos and the most preferred partners for digital video campaigns. According to the study, 68% of participants preferred social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter etc. as digital video partners for campaigns.


The study named “Social Cracks the Digital Video Code”, which was conducted by Advertiser Perceptions on behalf of Trusted Media Brands, explored the effective nature of social media platforms in advancing the influence of digital videos. The same study also says that social media gained a clear preference over video platforms and DSPs, full episode players, publishers, and ad and multichannel networks. The study’s views were taken from analyzing 300 agency and marketers’ opinions towards digital video platforms and their preferred mode of spending video ad dollars.

Crucial research insights include:

• Social platforms as the number one distribution partner – With 68% of participants choosing social media as the leading platform for digital video ad campaigns it is a winner as the top distribution partner for the digital videos.

• When it comes to engagement (59%), ROI (59%) and customer service (38%), social media turns out to be the most important while video platforms deliver the best results on measurement and reporting.

• More than one-third of advertisers (36%) consider measurement/reporting and pricing a top priority while planning digital video pre-roll campaigns followed by engagement (34%) and visibility (33%).

• Digital videos are allocated 28% of advertiser’s overall budget – a 3% increase from last year. 58% participants preferred investing in short-form videos while 38% would choose to invest in premium video.

Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer of Trusted Media Brands, Inc. admits, “Following our previous digital video survey conducted last June, we accurately predicted social platforms would continue to exceed video platforms as the preferred partner for decision-makers.”

He further added saying, “At Trusted Media Brands, we embrace this shift by consistently adapting to what our consumers want. Ultimately, what consumers want is exactly what advertisers want as well.”

This survey conducted in April 2017 by the Trusted Media Brands included 310 U.S. media decision-makers from the Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus Panel.


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