Visual IQ Helps Brands Uncover True Potential of Their Facebook Ad Inventory

VisualIQ Helps Brands Uncover True Potential of Their Facebook Ad Inventory

Visual IQ partnered with Havas to measure the performance of O2’s Facebook ad impressions.

Martech revolution is all set to strengthen mobile phone and telecommunication industry, at least in the European market. Visual IQ, the leading marketing intelligence SaaS provider, just announced the results from the Facebook pilot program that was done for O2 and its agency, Havas. With this, O2 becomes first major telecommunications brand to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ad impressions relative to other digital channels, publishers, and placements.

Manu Mathew, CEO and Co-founder, Visual IQ said, “We’re thrilled this pilot has enabled O2 and Havas to understand the effectiveness of Facebook ads in a way that was never before possible. This knowledge will have a massive impact on brands and agencies who, until now, have been investing valuable funds into the channel with no clear way of knowing its true value.”

Facebook is turning into a potential market for B2B data and customer data analytics ever since it opened up its gates to Marketing and Advertising partners. Visual IQ became a Facebook Marketing Partner in September 2016. Together, they ran a pilot for the O2 brand to measure the effect of Facebook ad spend on sales and its relevance to the customers. Three other Visual IQ clients are lined up for the pilot.

Currently, Facebook marketing is projected as the fastest-shortest-cheapest medium to increase relevant targeting and conversions without exorbitant spending. On top of it, the platform also supports video advertising formats for better monetization of ad campaigns.  Therefore, the latest pilot program run by Visual IQ holds such great value for B2B marketers catering to telecom and OEM industry.

Nick Adams, Head of Digital Excellence, Marketing Communications of O2, says –

“As a business, we understand the reach, targeting and engagement value of Facebook, but were previously unable to track and measure its effectiveness to the same degree as our other digital efforts. This insight will enable us to make more informed planning and optimization decisions across our entire marketing mix going forward, and ensure our ads are even more relevant to our prospects’ and customers’ needs.”

According to the report, Visual IQ found converter rates improved for O2 by 16% to 123% when Facebook Custom Audience ad placements were used in combination with other digital channels such as affiliates, paid social and paid search.

When Custom Audience impressions were included in the broader tactical mix, O2 also saw a 52% improvement in cost efficiency for new customer acquisition and a 38% improvement for existing customers.

Havas has previously worked with Visual IQ to measure the impact of O2’s digital marketing efforts on sales and other desired business outcomes since 2015.

James Olney, Senior Business Analyst, Havas Media Group, states –

“The inability to track our full media investments on Facebook made it difficult to demonstrate the actual value of the channel. Visual IQ’s partnership with Facebook was key to proving the platform’s true value, and how it can complement other channels and tactics to drive sales and other desired business outcomes.”

Visual IQ’s partnership with Facebook further enhances the company’s ability to provide audience insight and marketing performance within a single marketing platform. For the first time, Visual IQ clients can now understand the true impact of their Facebook spends across any Facebook properties and placements, including Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Custom Audience buys.

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