BODEN Expands Its Social Listening Command Center in Latin America

BODEN Expands Its Social Listening Command Center into Latin America

Escucha enables brands to listen and engage with consumers and influencers in real-time, while building advocacy and improving brand perception

BODEN, a cross-cultural communications agency expanded Escucha, its Hispanic social listening command center into Latin America, two years after its US center was launched. Escucha is a Spanish word which means ‘listen out’.

Boden agency, MD
Natalie Boden, Founder, and MD, BODEN

Escucha delivers consumer insights and analytics to inform social content strategies, and also conducts influencer activity to identify conversation drivers and opportunities across multiple countries. The proprietary platform blends social listening, influencer engagement in real-time, content planning and analytics to build advocacy and improve brand perception.

Natalie Boden, Founder, and Managing Director at BODEN said “Influential voices in social media are affecting consumers’ purchase decisions and brand perceptions more than ever. Escucha allows brands to listen in on collective conversations and trends, garner insights in real time, and identify engagement opportunities to ignite advocacy and increase brand loyalty across key consumer segments.”

Latin Americans love social media!

The reason behind its roll out in the region is that Latin Americans spend most of their online time on social media which is five times the world’s average. That is around 336 million people online representing 60% of the population. Mexico and Argentina have 56 million and 21 million Facebook users. Latin America has an internet penetration 16.6% higher than the world’s average, and the highest growth rate of any continent.

Latin American Millennials are digitally connected and will continue to significantly impact and drive mainstream culture and social conversation over the next decade. By 2020, 35 million low-income Latin Americans will move into the middle class and a significant percentage will be millennials.

The Latina SmartPurse Study

Latinas (Latin women) in the US show affinity towards brands that acknowledge their growth and align with their personal values. BODEN along with QuestMindshare released the Latina SmartPurse, a research focused on the Hispanic women in the US.

Latinas have a tremendous contribution in the $1 trillion spent by Hispanics. They earn nearly 50% or more of their household incomes. This calls for brands to focus on Hispanic culture and Latinas that would potentially drive their growth.

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