Hootsuite Impact Offers Complete View of Social Media ROI

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact and Value Realization Services Designed to Enable Organizations to Measure and Maximize ROI for Social

Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for social media management, has announced the launch of Hootsuite Impact, following the acquisition of leading social analytics company LiftMetrix in February 2017. Additionally, Hootsuite is also launching Hootsuite Value Realization services to help enterprises understand how to best measure and maximize the business impact of their investment in social media. These new offerings provide a technology solution and strategic services for enterprises to realize their return on investment (ROI) from social.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Finally Get a Clear ROI Vision

As social media matures into a key customer engagement channel, marketers are challenged with the need to demonstrate ROI. According to Forrester Research, 44% of marketers say they haven’t been able to show the impact of social at all and another 36% say they have a good sense of the qualitative, but not quantitative, the impact of social initiatives.

Show how social media channels and campaigns are driving conversions, leads, and sales with graphs, tables, and KPI summaries
Show how social media channels and campaigns are driving conversions, leads, and sales with graphs, tables, and KPI summaries

Hootsuite Impact Measures Social Media ROI from Paid and Organic Content

Hootsuite Impact is integrated into the Hootsuite Platform with an easy-to-use interface to give organizations a complete view of their owned, earned and paid social initiatives in one dashboard. It integrates seamlessly with web analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, along with business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau so marketers can compare social data to other marketing efforts and share it with additional teams.

With Hootsuite Impact marketers will be empowered to identify, measure, and track campaigns in order to dedicate time and resources efficiently, and deliver the largest impact to the bottom line.

“Hootsuite Impact allows us to identify the content and social networks that are driving our site goals and digital conversions. We can measure our business objectives, utilize key findings and tailor our social strategy in real-time to capitalize on positive performance,” said A’Leisha Stefani, senior social media manager at media conglomerate Meredith Corporation.

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Features of Hootsuite Impact

Social media marketers finally have a tangible platform to see, measure and deliver ROI actions based on organic and paid content inventories. The key impactful features of Hootsuite Impact are —

ROI Dashboard that Summarizes Social Media ROI

Hootsuite Impact delivers customized dashboard with executive capabilities, featuring conversion leads, graph tables, and KPI summaries. Additionally, the dashboard also highlights the conversions and separate ROI between owned and paid media content.

Hootsuite Imact Revenue Analytics
Hootsuite Impact Revenue Analytics

Measure and Compare Against Competitor Strategies

What’s working for your competitors and not working for you? Hootsuite Impact has a unique Competitor Benchmarking tab that illustrates the best practices and tactics relevant to the industry.

Hootsuite Impact Competitor Benchmarking
Hootsuite Impact Competitor Benchmarking

The tab allows customers to measure and compare top-performing social media content and help in discovering new, relevant topics that add to existing and upcoming social media campaigns.

Unification of BI and Social Media Strategies

By connecting to industry-recognized business intelligence tools like Tableau, Hootsuite Impact intends to deliver highest social media data that churns maximized ROI. Social media marketers can monitor strategies in one place, learning how followers across multiple social platforms interact, recommend and digest content.

Hootsuite Impact Strategies and BI
Hootsuite Impact Strategies and BI

Moreover, the tab also provides monthly analytics and simplified sentence reports based on performance. Overall, business intelligence within social media monitoring platform enhances marketers’ capabilities to deliver high-value content with maximized ROI opportunities.

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Industry Expertise to Deliver Social ROI

Along with Hootsuite Impact, the company is launching Hootsuite Value Realization services to help enterprises realize the full value of social. Starting with an ROI consultation, Hootsuite’s team of experts will work with enterprises to assess the people, processes, and technology required to create a measurement framework and establish KPIs that deliver actionable insights.

“Hootsuite’s goal is to enable organizations to leverage social data to drive business outcomes. With Hootsuite Impact and our Hootsuite Value Realization services, we want to be our customers’ trusted partner in proving and growing the value of social across their organizations,” said Matt Switzer, SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development at Hootsuite.

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